Looking for a great trail near Petermann, Northern Territory? AllTrails has 5 great hiking trails, walking trails and more, with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you. If you're looking for the best trails in Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park, we've got you covered. Just looking to take a quick stroll? We've got 2 easy trails in Petermann ranging from 0.9 to 1.7 miles and from 1,702 to 2,381 feet above sea level. Start checking them out and you'll be out on the trail in no time!



Petermann, Northern Territory Map
12 days ago

Very different from Uluru - if had to choose this would be the one.

1 month ago

easy but hot. Good close up views. We did a guided tour starting just before sunrise but there are signs and story boards that give same info. You need lots of water and only one toilet and water station on the loop.

Trail was of supreme quality today.

Bloody hot even leaving early! Lots a loose rocks making it relatively hard, but spectacular views!

We did the base walk with Segway’s and it was amazing and maybe cheating but worth it! Just forgot to turn off the app! Lol

Holy duly!! That’s was totally insane but omg sooo worth doing and I’m grateful that I was lucky enough to get it ticked off my bucket list!!

3 months ago

A great experience and the highlight of a trip to the centre. While I understand the cultural sensitivities of some indigenous groups, not all have an issue with the rock being climbed. Safety is the biggest issue and the indigenous don’t want and should not have deaths on there conscious. I agree it is dangerous and it should have been restricted years ago. But I completely disagree with its permanent closure. Give it to a tour company to control safety, restrict numbers and not have deaths on the indigenous’s conscience.

4 months ago

Easy and quick hike, definitely you need to do this trail in the afternoon to get more light between both domes. Did this after the Valley of the Winds, been a little bit disappointed, better to start with this one then the Valley of the Winds.

Amazing and breathtaking views of Kata Tjuta!!! One recommendation is to do the loop counter clockwise to avoid most of the crowd. In a beautiful sunny day your shot will be stunning. Overall moderate trail, it can be windy on the way up to Karu lookout, I just enjoyed this hike.

5 months ago

Beautiful trail, you can see all the faces of Uluru. If you start early in the morning (around 8:30am), you don’t need a fly net.

To climb it is to miss the point. One gains a short term exhilaration by “conquering” it. I want to climb it. It looks stunning. I love climbing things. But imbibing the humility, maturity and dignity of the indigenous culture by walking around it and hearing what it has to say is the better choice. Say no to your ego and learn from the most enduring society the world has ever produced.

loved it .... you'll need a water bottle or 2

6 months ago

awesome... don't forget your fly net

Amazing. An astonishing view over the area. the absolute highlight of our stay!

Easy trail to be honest, the only difficult part was the head that started to build up after sunrise. Fascinating place, and Breathtaking!!

great walk!

7 months ago

What a great walk. It was good to go around the base of the rock and have great views of all parts of it. Lots of flies and lots of people on segues and bikes. Certainly a walk worthwhile walk doing.

Not challenging apart from the heat but scenic

9 months ago

Just very impressive amidst the rocks. Strong shoes and steady feet a must as you are walking on rocky trail the majority of the time. Go early for self protection against heat. Trail closes at 11:00 am when hot.

Do. Not. Climb! Do not do it. It’s not a matter of just respecting the wishes of the Aboriginal people that own this land (yes, they own it under an agreement with the Commonwealth of Australia, look it up) but also about respecting the lore and law of Aboriginal people. Don’t climb it, don’t be an entitled, self righteous, indignant twat. Just don’t do it.

Hot, but fun.

Mate, if you submit to the cultural wishes of the local people... You will never get to explore anything worthwhile in life. Get out and be brave to go where others don't want you to enjoy, just don't leave damage or trash.

Fantastic walk, a few steep climbs up, down and around rocks. This is a must do if you are in the national park. Sign says 4 hours, it only took us 2 hours. Do take plenty of water though! There is a refill station on the track as well as the car park, so you can top up. Enjoy!

Absolutely amazing! Uluru is much higher than you can expect, once you are there it’s just incredible. If you wish to climb it I strongly suggest you do so! It’s a hard climb, quite steep but there is a chain for most the way up. Once the chain has stopped it’s a bit up hill and you will be climbing up and down to get right over to the very top. This took us around 3 hours up and back, it was busy so we couldn’t move to fast. A backpack is a must with water and snacks if you wish. I climbed in January one early morning as the climb shuts at 8am in Dec, Jan and Feb, I drank around 1.5L, so take a big bottle! If you are afraid of heights as I am, don’t be scared, as I can assure you it is so worth it! Just keep focused on where you are stepping and keep on going! Grippy runners are a must, or you will spend half your climb slipping. The climb is due to close permanently on October 26 2019!! So get up there, you will never see anything else like it!

on Uluru Base Walk

Wed Sep 05 2018

Loved every second of this walk. I wasn't expecting it to be so magical.

Fri Jul 27 2018

Tough location to get to but well worth the travel .. iconic Australian.

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