Photos of Northern Territory Kid Friendly Trails

9 days ago

Absolutely amazing! Uluru is much higher than you can expect, once you are there it’s just incredible. If you wish to climb it I strongly suggest you do so!
It’s a hard climb, quite steep but there is a chain for most the way up. Once the chain has stopped it’s a bit up hill and you will be climbing up and down to get right over to the very top.
This took us around 3 hours up and back, it was busy so we couldn’t move to fast.
A backpack is a must with water and snacks if you wish. I climbed in January one early morning as the climb shuts at 8am in Dec, Jan and Feb, I drank around 1.5L, so take a big bottle!
If you are afraid of heights as I am, don’t be scared, as I can assure you it is so worth it! Just keep focused on where you are stepping and keep on going!
Grippy runners are a must, or you will spend half your climb slipping.
The climb is due to close permanently on October 26 2019!! So get up there, you will never see anything else like it!