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Fantastic walk, a few steep climbs up, down and around rocks. This is a must do if you are in the national park. Sign says 4 hours, it only took us 2 hours. Do take plenty of water though! There is a refill station on the track as well as the car park, so you can top up.

5 days ago

Absolutely amazing! Uluru is much higher than you can expect, once you are there it’s just incredible. If you wish to climb it I strongly suggest you do so!
It’s a hard climb, quite steep but there is a chain for most the way up. Once the chain has stopped it’s a bit up hill and you will be climbing up and down to get right over to the very top.
This took us around 3 hours up and back, it was busy so we couldn’t move to fast.
A backpack is a must with water and snacks if you wish. I climbed in January one early morning as the climb shuts at 8am in Dec, Jan and Feb, I drank around 1.5L, so take a big bottle!
If you are afraid of heights as I am, don’t be scared, as I can assure you it is so worth it! Just keep focused on where you are stepping and keep on going!
Grippy runners are a must, or you will spend half your climb slipping.
The climb is due to close permanently on October 26 2019!! So get up there, you will never see anything else like it!

11 days ago

Amazing, loved every bit of it.

beautiful point of view of the waterfall and the infinity of the forest ...

After 30 mn of walk take a bath in a beatiful fall ! there are differents trails in this area

1 month ago

wild and quiet ... Nothern Territory !

1 month ago

Amazing 16 days hiking solo end to end on the Larapinta in May/June 2018. This was longer than needed and ended up having a rest day. Lovely to be able to take my time. Worth getting up early to summit Mt Sonder to watch the sunrise on the last day to end the trip. Also worth camping at Brinkley Bluff or Mt Sonder lookout for amazing sunrises and sunsets. Counts lookout amazing and worth the small side trip. Distances are slightly longer than indicated in a lot of the sections due to track upgrades.

trail running
2 months ago

Truly amazing. 4 days back to back of “running” half marathon each day. An event organised Rapid Ascent (August 2018). All we had to do was run (and take lots of photos), they did the rest. Absolutely stunningly beautiful ancient country.

rock art & wonderful point of vue !

2 months ago

wild & quiet ... wonderful !

4 months ago

I’m glad I managed to do this walk. But I wouldn’t do it again… The Tabletop Track is a “classic” Northern Territory walk that’s been on my to Do List for a while, promising idyllic creeks and waterfalls surrounded by rainforest. The reality is that those moments where I stop for a break or a refreshing swim, or walk along a crystal clear creek, are hard-earned by walking through a very arid and often bleak landscape which is often burnt out by recent fires.

on Uluru Circuit Trail

4 months ago

Loved every second of this walk. I wasn't expecting it to be so magical.

Awesome trail, beautiful scenery, lovely swimming holes.

Tough location to get to but well worth the travel .. iconic Australian.

cold morning 3C - one of the most fascinating walks we have done
very easy by mountain hiking standards

we didn't do the howl hike but we did 7 days and it was amazing hot in the day but freezing at night we went Stanley chasam to Ellery creek sooo so so good so fun grate school trip

This trail will be closing soon. I did not climb due to cultural wishes of the local people.

mountain biking
6 months ago

A bucket list hike

Made it to the first lookout with kids

6 months ago

The best walk there with kids

Loved this trail. Did it a while ago. Had sometimes problems go find the signs. (Bushfires) Lovely places to tent. Always fresh water ( July/ no treatment ). Always a good swim

Amazing! The gorgeous views just keep coming around every corner.

Alam yang bersih dan air terjun yang indah

7 months ago

Great easy walk, awesome views looking back over the trail

A quick and simple walk with great views.

The walk around the base of this magnificent structure is incredible.

Beautiful views, and fun rock climbing opportunities along the way

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