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Wollongong, New South Wales Map

Nice easy walk. Some parts on sand or gravel path. Little to no shade. We did it on a beautiful day, nice breeze. There are back in an hour.

Nice easy coastal walk. Great views! Discovered some little beaches and diving spots.

Definitely one of the best Illawarra walks. it takes approximately 45 minutes up and 30 minutes back. The walk follows the spur line of the hill and provides views of Kembla Grange and Wollongong the whole way along. The best part of the walk is the vegetation which constantly changes from rainforests to casuarina forest at the highest point. There is also a beautiful boulder section about three quarters of the way. Don't forget your camera.

A beautiful relaxing walk... have done twice, once on my own and second time with my German Shepherd who loved running along the beach and into the waves lol (south/north shellharbour beach only) Next time i might take the bike :)

I'd recommend doing this in reverse, to save the beautiful forest walk for the end - otherwise it starts off amazing and ends with a road walk. Other than that it's a pretty walk, very easy along the service road and main road, a bit slippery in the trees due to the huge amount of debris from all the recent wind, but the trail is still easy to follow.

Good walk, quick and well marked but fairly challenging with great views. usually not crowded.

As Roger K already stated, start at the Windy Gully end and follow a service trail until you get to a sign for both the ring track and the summit. This becomes a single trail which you can follow to the summit or simply come out at the road. To get back to the starting point we just followed the road back.

there are alternatives to this trail. You can take a pathway to Warilla beach & walk on the beach instead of the cycleway. Also as you walk around Barrack Point heading south there is a staircase to the right whereby you can trek down onto the rocks & then along Nth Shellharbour beach & continue behind the houses down the southern end towards Cowries / Shellharbour harbour.

Easy walk with ocean & lake views

Easy trail. The climb up the stairs from the beach will get your heart pumping. View from the top looking down to The Farm beach is beautiful.

good up hill challenge

Really enjoyed this walk. We were a bit worried about reading about part of the trail being closed but you can still do it. (It's closed due to some unstable rock cliff edges at the top of Mt Keira). We were only planning to do the ring trail but got lost at one stage and ended up scrambling up what looked like a track and found ourselves at the top of Mt Keira! We actually enjoyed this part the most :p

3 months ago

Not a bad walk. There were loads of palms scattered on the gully floor which made the track difficult to follow. Most of the walk is on a service trail.

3 months ago

The summit track is steep and hard in places. There is a ladder in one area and lots of stairs. Also did the ring track around the base which has a steep descent at the start but reasonably easy. Lots of bird life on both tracks and is shaded all the way. Enjoyable walk.

5 months ago

This trail is best done in reverse from the Windy Gully end if you are taking in the summit also . Follows the old ais water line to the old mine surface area on the southern end. Going back to Mt Kembla off to the right is a beautiful view of what can be described as a amphitheatre of the side of the mountain with a palm jungle before you head to the base of the summit track.

5 months ago

Best done in the afternoon or in the morning. Also beautiful just after some rain.

Have walked this trail many time and it’s still a favourite. They are doing some upgrades to track that aren’t finished yet so there is a closed section of the trail. Didn’t stop me though.

I did the Dave Walsh track up Mount Keira. It wasn’t signposted very well at places and the track is broken and hard to figure out at places. A tricky climb with some clambering over rocks/logs involved, but very rewarding.

11 months ago

It’s a good 5km from the lookout, up & over the peak then all the way to the gate. So a decent 10km hike or run. Or both combined with pack

parking is easy to find. first thing to do is go on paved road to robertson lookout. from there back towards picnic table, go into this area and make a left on the trail. it'll lead down towards the loop. many trails coming off the loop so best keep this app on with map showing your location. i got a tad lost off trail for 20 minutes. but mostly well marked, technical and fun.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

What a beautiful walk. The trail is well marked and clean.

Monday, June 25, 2018

walk it in reverse and save the fun climb til the end.

1 month ago

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