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Ulladulla, New South Wales Map
16 days ago

Visiting this track for the first time, we weren't quite sure how to pace ourselves. Our advice: don't be discouraged by the initial uphill climb, it'll get your heart pumping then level out to a gentler incline and a more relaxed hike further on.

+ beautiful scenery, especially the view from the top
+ good, challenging hike
+ not many people on the track (midweek)
+ we enjoyed the ladder climbs

- many of the steps are quite deep, making it hard to get into a rhythmic pace on both the way up and down

× Pack a picnic to enjoy at the top, you'll want to stay a while and enjoy the view.

Nice easy walk. Great views. The ladders are fun

Well constructed and maintained track. Amazing views at the top of Pigeon House

Just loved the view. Totally recommend

amazing track, not to difficult

Pigeon House Mountain: This was the first mountain I had ever climbed and is a great one for beginners. I've done this hike twice now and I find it a comfortable hike to work up a sweat but still enjoying the summit and sneaky jog back down. The drive in is fairly bumpy so make sure you have a 4WD or something to beat around. Lovely Australian orange ground starts to appear as you head closer to the track. There are toilets and a couple benches for a good day trip here so whether half a group decides to head up and the other stay at the base, its well protected with gumtrees to have a bit of shelter. The starting point will have a map of it and surrounding hikes. No need to warm up the legs, the beginning of the track will do that for you (being that it is straight up). I would avoid it after a big downpour due to there being only one clear path for everything (and everyone) to run down. On the way up there are a few trees to jump over, a nice bunch of flat areas and as you head to the top a range of stairs and ladders. Only once your close to the top can you see through the tall trees and pretty much see more tall trees but at a distance. The top is a great view of Australian bushland. At this altitude there are plenty of big flies and butterflies so don't freak out. The return is a lot easier than the way down so enjoy what you can :)
For extra photos and information on this track recording feel free to head onto my website http://cloudsoflythiium.wixsite.com/photography for pictures, http://www.movescount.com/moves/move200480781 for a thorough recording of this track and http://cloudsoflythiium.com/ for other adventures :) Make living fun!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Four limb climb

Monday, April 10, 2017

Challenging and fun. Beautiful, breath taking scenery up the top!

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