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Otford, New South Wales Map

Great views, worth the hike

Fabulous & scenic trail. Eagle Rock is stunning

Great walk, from Otford Station to bundeena... Caught ferry to Cronulla. All up took around 8hrs... Amazing scenery

29 days ago

Beautiful views and nice walking! Totally worth...

Hiked this with five mates in 6hrs with small stops along the way with a 0630 start at Otford. Varying elevations between Otford and Watamolla.A nice walk but if you are going to do it in one day then take your time and don’t rush,it is a demanding walk.We had one member of the team have to be picked up urgently from Bundeena due to fatigue and low sugar.

Great variety of scenery. If it’s a hot day have a swim at the beach after

Very bad,not your average stroll in the park figure 8 is not worth it you should go to a normal beach as you wait 3 hours to get in the pool for 2mins and then have to walk back 8km

Walked from Bundeena to Otford with a group for a 2 day hike. Followed the boardwalk the whole way except some is still under construction. Lots of hills not much flat walking. Camped at South era camping ground. Awesome hike

Amazing Track.
I walked it from otford to Bundeena in 10hours.
I took a break at Marley Lagoon and took a lot of time taking pictures of different animals and the landscape.
The way to figure 8 pool is closed, but u can make it there from burning Palms Beach in the rocks (take care of Waves and Wind). I missed the figure 8 pool

Loved the costal section. Beautiful ocean views with palm jungles. The inland half was just a gravel road, kind of boring. The upside is the second half is pretty flat. If you have the energy, I’d take the same coastal trail back to the car park instead.

Beautiful walk, with well maintained tracks and amazing views of the water. The only thing that I didn’t like is that there are no free water on the trail, you can buy some water at the little shop at Garie beach but bring cash. Otherwise, make sure to bring plenty of water especially on a hot summer day as there are not enough shade. The camp at North Era is such a great spot for camping, close to beach. But I did this walk in 9 hrs with lots of break and an hour swim at the beach. I reckon this track can be done in 7 hrs with just short breaks.

Well maintained and diverse track. I especially like the track between Garie beach to Otford, lush terrain and beautiful beaches.

Pretty good walk some good look out points, and little stream areas, would recommend

The best section is at the beginning of the coast walk near Bundeena Wharf.

Beautiful track! Not too difficult and I recommend going off the path here and there; once to go towards the cliff edge where you’ll see nothing but ocean ahead of you, and another to get on top of Eaglehead Rock itself. Be careful as it gets a little windy!

Amazing views, great selection of terrain. Never got board on this walk, will do it again.

6 months ago

Easy on the way down tough on the way back up but very enjoyable.

Honestly one of the prettiest hikes. I completed with a 4 hour hike in day one and a 5 hour hike day 2 (with the excursion to the figure 8 pools, which is totally awesome!!). Would definitely recommend it although there is a lot of elevation change.

6 months ago

Amazing views. Hardest part of the walk is the first 20 minutes across the beach and up the first cliff. After that, its fairly flat.

7 months ago

beautiful track!

7 months ago

Beautiful but short walk, climbing back up is tough but rewarding!

amazing! highly recommend it
take plenty of water!

8 months ago

One of the best hikes in NSW. Saw wallabies on the way. Ocean at its best. Even though rocks were scary and there was 1.2m tide conditions, Burning point and figure 8 is totally worth the effort

Hard is an overstatement, I’d say moderate. Some super pretty other parts not so much. Would do again

Nice scenery in one part, boring walk on the second half. Not hard at all, even for beginners or casual hikers. Worth spending few hours though, especially if a side trip to figure eight pool is included.

11 months ago

The Figure 8 Pool has become incredibly popular and is one of the "most instagrammed" national park locations. I've picked a weekday for this walk to avoid the worst of the crowds, and the pool is not too busy when I get there. A nice walk with views over the coast, and the Figure 8 Pool and coast is beautiful. But avoid weekends!
Track notes: https://hikingtheworld.blog/2017/12/13/figure-eight-pools-royal-np/

First off this is definitely doable in one day despite so many things I read that made it seem extremely difficult. Much of the trail is level and even on man made walkways in many spots. One if the most difficult portions was the detour to the Figure 8 pools, which for my money can be skipped.

What I will say is that if you start in Bundeena like I did because I was worried about catching the last ferry, be aware that the final 3-4 miles are all uphill. It's not terribly steep and there are steps for most of the way but after 13 miles it's tough enough. Also it's good to know that there's no ticket machine at the Otford station so make sure you have a full card or a ticket in advance.

Otherwise this is an incredible experience with some of the most beautiful coastlines and beaches you can ever hope to see. And it's not crowded in the slightest so at times you'll feel that you have it all to yourself.

An enjoyable walk with some good views and a few different landscapes (beach, rainforest, bush). The hard rating is an overstatement, more a moderate walk. Saw a wild echidna next to one of the boardwalks.

This is a great trail for everyone it’s got everything to challenge lush forests to start with and coastal beaches. This is a great trail that I take friends from out of town on because it gives stunning views. Time your finish with a ferry ride back to Cronulla and a deserved beer and a feed.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

It was a nice hike though the inland half of the loop
was kind of boring with just a muddy track in the bush but once you get to the more coastal side of the loop you start getting some nice views. I honestly would have preferred I did an out and back hike on the coastal half of the loop instead in hindsight. The hike also definitely should not be rated hard.

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