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Katoomba, New South Wales Map

The hardest part is when you going back and run out of water

Fantastic, just has a few areas affected from the heavy storms.

16 days ago

Did this track with a mate not too long ago. It is best to do it in Autumn as we did it during a summer heatwave- not the best experience. But the campsites, views and nature made up for it. Took us 2 days and a half, starting from Explorer’s Tree, finishing at Jenolan Caves. Make sure to pack lots of water, as there is no fresh water until you make it to the campsites.

20 days ago

I did this over two days. From Katoomba train station to coxs river (18km) day one. Day 2 coxs river to Jenolan (30km). The uphills are hard but what else do you expect mountain hiking! For my first solo hike, it was pretty awesome! Did it mid week. Didn’t see another person. Good nature time. No snakes at all. Very satisfying hike.

Started from Katoomba, first part (15km or so) was beautifully scenic throughout with an awesome suspension bridge just before the camp ground. First 10km next day were dreadfully hard with the constant incline, but once you conquer that bit you get to enjoy the rest of the hike. Jenolan Caves are definitely worthwhile exploring once the hike is over :)

on Six Foot Track

1 month ago

Done the 6 foot in a day 12 times - in all those times only ever saw 2 snakes - a black and a brown, on same day - best time 10 hrs 27 mins, worst 12 hrs 45 mins - always start Explorer’s tree, end bottom step at Caves House. Always led by one of the world’s best blokes, Barry K***. Started when 51 yrs age, last time at 61.

Wonderful walk
We started in Leura and finished off getting the train back from Katoomba

1 month ago

Lots of wildlife, koalas, echidnas, goannas, kangaroos Wallaby But no snakes seen
Campsites along the way well provided for with tank water, composting toilets and picnic shelters if you want.
Day 2 from Katoomba is the tough uphill day, first 10 km, second 10 km is a little flatter

great three day hike 17km in you hit the up hill and it was hard. but still great hike

1 month ago

day 1 tough. day 2 tougher. day 3 nice :)
watch out for snakes. kind of hard when they look like sticks... I suggest to set off at dawn on day 3 and get to jenolan by 10 so you can go on a cave tour, walk a track without ur pack or just sit at the cafe and try and drink them out of stock!

another tip is the bus arrives at 12pm "blue mountains coaches (or buses" if you catch the bus driver, he will let you to drop off your pack so you can explore more. bus leaves around 3.30. Bus driver is John and is a champ

2 months ago

awesome hike. camped two nights and had a great time. highly recommend. didn't see any snakes though!

stunning walk ... I just wondering how can you give 1pt or 3 pt for this beautiful track ... only minus could be because you can meet a lot of pople nearby Echo Pt ... guys wake up! I prefer more hidden tracks in Blue Mts like Blackheath area but this one is perfect for first time to fall in love with this stunning mountains!! So many lookouts nice forest rock formations!! Must to do for everyone!!

Leave your car at the top of Glenraphel drive and walk down the dirt road (approx 2ks to the Golden Stairs). The dirt road is fine if you have a 4wd, but if you have a car, it's probably better to leave it as the road is not that well maintained.

The walk itself is worth it. The views from the top of the ruined castle (big rock formation) is awesome. apart from the Golden Stairs, the walk is easy. But going down and up the GS is tough going (only 800m, but very steep).

1hr 40m each way.

3 months ago

A great hike that should be stretched over to 2 days, if not 3. The mountain climb is challenging yet rewarding. We camped by the river after descending from the mountain which was peaceful and beautiful. Don’t under estimate the second half of the walk though! There are multiple steep hills to hike up and the second day is as physically demanding as the first!

Great track especially for a solo trecker. Easily done over two days but more enjoyable over three.

Excellent hike. Empress Falls were breathtaking.

Fantastic walk with amazing views. We got the scenic railway into the valley and walked to the ruins. A bit of a scramble across the landslide section of bout 500m but other than that it’s a pretty easy walk. We had our 13 year old plus I have average fitness at the moment but did it comfortably. It’s about 2hrs each way. Got the sky rail back up the hill. Also a small hill climb of approx 600m to the ruins but take ur time and it’s pretty easy. Beautiful country. Take some water, snacks & a coffee in a flask and u’ll love it. Be careful not to miss the track off the boardwalk at scenic world. After you get off the train and just past a few displays the trail is off to the right.

Set out around 8am from the top of the Golden Stairs and arrived at the Castle around 945am. Coming down is mostly easy and the middle section through the forest is nice and mostly flat with a slight uphill effort to get to the castle. Scramble to the top is rather easy when you find the right section to climb. The hardest part was the climb back up the Stairs at the end. I was carrying a 12kg pack for training but is rather hard regardless. Take some rests on the way back up and you will get there fine but you will have some tired legs. Took us 3.5 -4 hours round trip. View on top of ruins was amazing.

Pleasant, easy, well populated hike

Started around 2:30pm in the summer time. Got to see the amazing changes in the sky’s colour. The top of the Ruined Castle made for a scenic little picnic spot for our sandwich craving group. Plenty of landmarks to frame pictures if you get creative!

Did this hike March 19, 2018. Excellent full day hike. Well marked. I started from the Golden Stairs and worked my way to the Ruined Castle and Mount. Solitary. I would say the hike out there was more moderate than the listed difficult with only a few difficult sections (i.e. scrambling rocks to get to top of Mount Solitary and Ruined Castle for the view points). Started bright and early and got to Mount Solitary by half day to beat the heat. Brings lots of water. Returned same route but continued on along the Federal Pass which more difficult, ending at Scenic World (took cable car back up at the end of the day)

A great hike in the Blue Mountains! We climbed the ruined castle and mount solitary, both had with awesome views. There's a bit of scrambling to get to the top of Mount Solitary, which was fun. There's lots of good camping on the way to mount solitary or on top.

8 months ago

great hike with stunning views of the top of Mt Solitary however the loop is longer than the quoted 31 kms we started our hike at Scenic world and had already racked up 35kms by the time we finished at the top of the giant stairway at echo point so would've been at least another couple of kms it took us 12 hours total time so unless you really like a challenge I'd recommend spreading this one over 2 days

9 months ago

This is a nice track. Plenty of challenging hills (of the uphill and downhill variety). Nice scenery, also opportunities to see wildlife (saw some roos, sheep, horses and a snake). The campground at the Cox's River had water in the tank, but the other campsites not so lucky so be sure to take plenty of water.

The trail from Golden Stairs (or Scenic Railway) is nice, lyrebirds are very common. The 360 degree view atop the Ruined Castle is utterly magnificent

11 months ago

Good views, easy enough to follow.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Did this one back in 2006, gearing up to do it again in 2018. A difficult, but rewarding walk. watch out for tiger snakes!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

You need to be prepared for this one, appropriate well fitting shoes, plenty of water and snacks, this cannot be stressed enough. It took me 14 hours the first time I did this track. I’ve seen a lot of snakes and wildlife every time I do this walk. It’s very beautiful, although you may not think that after the first 10ks. There’s no huge payoff like a beautiful view at the end but you see some great country and if you can do the whole track in one day it will feel like you can do anything, although you won’t be able to climb stairs for a few days.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Started in Katoomba. Day one to cox's river is very short and easy but equally as beautiful. From there we hiked to jenolan caves on day 2. Makes for a long day with lots of elevation gain and nothing to look at. Just a boring dirt road that the snakes enjoy sunbathing on. The trail gets better looking after the last campsite, who's name eludes me.

amazing views

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