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8 days ago

Beautiful lake with a lookout for fitz roy.

If you plan to make the trip to Argentina, make sure Iguazu is on your itinerary .. These falls were stunning in every sense of the word .. magnitude dwarfs anything you may have seen especially as we had been to Niagara a few years back. Strongly suggest to add the trip from the Argentinian side as you get really close and personal and also boat the waters to the Falls.

Must Do .. Walking round and gaining a view of the Moreno Glacier is a great experience and the trail is very well laid out .. However, if you make the trip all the way down, highly recommend to complete the trek onto the glacier .. an amazing life experience.


Amazing. We did that trail with my kids (12 and 4 years old). Was hard but wonderful experience.

Linda senda y fácil. Se accede desde el pueblo. Aprox 6hs

Es una caminata hermosa, sólo el último kilómetro es desafiante. Recomiendo comenzar desde la hostería El Pilar, es más bonita y fácil.

It’s a beautiful hike with amazing views. Only the last km is challenging. I recommend you start from El Pilar, it’s easier and prettier

Very good view on Fitz Roy. Too much crowded but it’s the price to pay! :)

Amazing trail with lots of opportunities to stop and enjoy the beautiful views. Weather in early may was quite decent (coldest being 2-5 c)
The last 1.5k was challenging and dangerous, the steep incline was filled with ice and snow. Be careful where you step!

Total time from El Chaltén was of 8hrs

I completed this hike first week of May. The weather was a little chilly at the start but as you continue it gets warmer. Amazing views all the way through. The start of the trek has a slight incline for 1km till you get to your first view point. As everyone else has said , the last 1.5 kms were very hard. We had lots of icy conditions which made the rocks slippery, even harder on the way down trying not to slip. (Do not attempt if you are scared of heights!)
Definitely worth the trip to the top though!! The hike back was very fast, only took 3 hours from the top but our feet were hurting ! Must see trek!

3 months ago

A good warm up for Laguna de Los Tres.

4 months ago

Worth the effort

Amazing views! The last 1km is a 40% grade made more difficult by the large number of other people hiking and the constant strong wind.

Lugar mágico!

Incredible views. Challenging to summit

I went during February when it was the summertime in Patagonia. There were few parking spots so one has to show early but the trail and view of the glacier is a step away from the parking lot. The trail is on metal walkways and you can't get to close because there is ice constantly falling. It was incredible to see so much ice that extends so far back. The glacier's wind was absolutely cold, even during the summer. The glacier lake that it feeds is a stunning site to just sit down and witness all day. It is a life-changing experience to see Perito Moreno.

5 months ago

Lovely hike with great variety of scenery and amazing view at end. We started at 2 pm and finished easily before sunset but were lucky to have had wonderful weather. Mostly very easy walking.

Quite a challenge but worth the trip to the top! There is actually a way to do the hike so you don’t have to come back the same way. You can take a shuttle 20-30 min from El Chaltén, hike along the Rio Blanco to Laguna de Los Tres, and then back down to El Chaltén. I recommend it as you’ll get to hike through the forest and see even more Patagonia terrain.

6 months ago

A beautiful trail that provides nice views of Cerro Torre. The hike is not as great as the Laguna de los Tres hike, but it is still very much worth hiking. Here is my full trip report with pictures, maps, and other info! https://backpackersreview.wordpress.com/trip-reports/los-glaciares-national-park/

A great trail with amazing views. The climb up to the lake is steep and long, but overall the hike is not too bad. Be prepared for all types of weather. Here is my full trip report with pictures and maps! https://backpackersreview.wordpress.com/trip-reports/los-glaciares-national-park/

6 months ago

The last 1.5 miles is intense with a 40% grade. Even harder on the way down. The trail is clean, well maintained, and well marked the entire way. Beautiful vistas abound.

7 months ago

It is trail with lots of veriety. Open fields, forrest, vista’s, fynbos, and a Great vista at the turning point, weather permits. I didn’t have Such luck as the weather can be very unpredictable turning from sunny, strong wind and 24C into 15 degrees and a downpoor with windforce 9/10 plus gusts upto 11. Come prepared!

trail running
7 months ago

Was the first time for me being that close to a Glacier for me and it was awesome! Fairly crowded trail but worth the view. Able to access right from the town of El Chalten.

trail running
7 months ago

By far the most stunning of views in all of El Chalten that we were on! Highly recommend for trail running or hiking. Spectacular! Less people than other nearby trails.

on Laguna Torre

7 months ago

I would consider this a moderate hike. Beautiful views, especially at the bottom of the valley (around 5km) if the torres are not visible.

7 months ago

Everything you want: glacier, trees, rivers, mountains, lake - muy Bonita

7 months ago

We actually completed this trek starting from El Pilar Hosteria just outside the park...slightly shorter route though lots of groups would begin at El Pilar then conclude in El Chalten. Regardless, it is an unbelievable experience. Absolutely unreal views of Ftiz Roy throughout the trek. The last mile is incredibly difficult...highly recommend one or two hiking poles to help on the way down. It is worth every step.

Camped at Poincenat and got up at 4am to hike the 1 hour summit trail at sunrise and it was amazing. It’s a tough hike even without a pack but the views are inspiring all the way up.

Absolutely stunning! Combined with the most incredible fall foliage (end of March), this was the best day hike I've ever done. If you're near El Calafate, take the 3 hour trip north. You won't regret it.

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