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trail locations for Wyoming

Easy access to either middle or south Teton- we went up middle. Boulder fields are plentiful

4 days ago

did this trail during June of this year (2016). it was incredible. the scramble up and down the boulder field to Cloud Peak was grueling, but the views were so worth it. the entire area around misty moon lake (and honestly the whole trail) is gorgeous as well. holds great populations of healthy brook trout, if you're into fly fishing! caught many on a tenkara rod. they were ferocious, and i really mean that. never seen fish rise in a frenzy like they were there.

If you plan on going around the time I went, BRING MOSQUITO NETS! They were so ridiculously thick that it drove us insane a few times! :)

Great short hike with beautiful views from the overlook. If you're short on energy or time, you can easily just go out and back to the falls.

Connected the Taggart Lake Trail with the Bradley Lake trail for around 6 miles. Hiked it in July around sunset, was not crowded at all! Beautiful, up close views of the Tetons. Would be an excellent trail for snowshoeing in the Winter - wish I could try that!

Beautiful! Hard hike. We did see a bear right along the trail on the way out, but it wasn't interested in us. We rock scrambled down to Delta Lake, which is my new favorite place. There is kind of a trail that spurs off the Amphitheater trail, but it's not well maintained. It would be much easier to get to it that way though than the way we went. There's not an official hike to it on AllTrails since they don't maintain it anymore (wish I knew why!)

Favorite hike of my life so far! Absolutely beautiful. We started at String Lake TH, went through lower and upper Paintbrush Canyon to Holly Lake. After that it's about 2-2.5 miles to the divide. Sketchy at the end of July with snow patches but we knew it was doable without an ice axe. Check the trail condition! Stunning views the whole way. Hard hike to Holly Lake. We camped in lower paintbrush, which is definitely underrated! Saw a moose there.

Good and close

We went October 10, 2016. The trail was muddy and had some standing water until the last .25 miles. From there it was snow covered. We ascended to the mouth of the wind cave, which was a little difficult since it was snow and ice covered. We slipped a few times but since this was one of our favorite hikes, we wanted to get to the entrance. The waterfall was still present although the amount of water was reduced due to the time of the year. Getting down from the cave to the monument was hard due to the snow and ice.

We have hiked this trail from June to October. I think October is a little late if you want to do some cave exploring. Enjoy.

There's a little bit of everything Yellowstone has to offer on this mellow loop trail - meadows, geothermal activity, ponds, canyon, waterfalls, river... Added on Uncle Tom's trail, several reading breaks, and a couple offshoots to bring this up to 5 miles in 2 hours.

Steep hike downhill with a great view right next to the Lower Falls. Hear and fell the roar of the falls

10 days ago

Amphitheater was one of the most amazing alpine lakes I hiked to. Gorgeous destination! On the way down we encountered a black bear mom with 2 cute cubs. Made my day!! I will come back to Tetons!

The south rim trail is a great way to experience the Canyon, which was one of our favorite parts of Yellowstone. There are great views of the waterfalls, and the trek down the steep stairs of Uncle Tom's Trail gives another vantage and is worth checking out.

Trail is very easy and short so it's worth the hike for a really pretty view. You don't have to do the whole loop either if you're trying to conserve time you can just hike 1 mile to the falls and turn around to cut some time off.