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trail locations for Wyoming
2 days ago

Hiked from Wapiti Lake to Mist Pass.
Pros: amazing thermal features, no mans land, wildlife, scenery
Cons: not much shade, trail can be hard to follow in the valleys, especially difficult to follow trail across pelican valley to mist lake trail

2 days ago

Pros: easy to moderate hike, great campsites, lots of wild life, s clouded
Cons: lots of meadows that can expose you to the sun

Absolutely loved this trail. Lots of uphill and rocky in parts. Ended up around ten and half miles, a little over 4 hours.

2 days ago

Pros: good fishing, nice views, lots of buffalo
Cons: too busy, poor campsites

Beautiful hike. Hiked from Heart Lake down to South Entrance. The section from HL to Sheridan Lake is amongst the most beautiful parts of the park. Lots of bear sign, saw one grizzly on South Boundary trail n ar the scree field. Don't pass up this hike even though the guide book says it isn't that great.

2 days ago

Pros: moderately strenuous, great views
Cons: can hear the road noise, over used, trash in campsites, low lake level

2 days ago

A great hike. We did this trail on a Sunday. Once away from the crowds in the main parking area we saw only four people, awesome! There are a few ups and downs, but nothing too strenuous, even for a flatlander.

4 days ago

This trail takes you to the Shadow Lake and the North Side of the Cirque of the Towers and the views are stunning. Can climb up the very steep Texas Pass and see the Cirque of the Towers from the south, even more amazing and return back to the Big Sandy trail-head

Access to many trails in the Wind Rivers. View of Squaretop Mountain are Spectacular.

4 days ago

Camped at these Lakes many years ago as a loop backpack trip from Boulder Canyon up to the Freemont Trail to Cook Lakes and returned to Boulder Canyon on the Highline trail. Great multi-day Loop

The Hike up this trails is amazing. The view of Squaretop Mountain in the distance near both Green River Lakes and along the beautiful Green River is amazing.I Hiked from the trail-head to the Vista Pass junction this year as part of the Wind River High Route between Green River Lakes and Big Sandy Openings. Hike From Summit Lake to the trail-head on a Big Sandy Openings hike to Green River Lakes year ago.

4 days ago

Hiked from Lake 10542 up to Photo Pass on the Continental Divide as part of the Wind River High Route between Green River Lakes and Big Sandy Openings

4 days ago

Certainly not the easiest hike in the park but certainly way up there on the scenery chart. Camp as close to the BMA as possible since it is a long hike to the next campsite.

Amazing views!

This trail was so scenic. It winds back and forth along the creek bed. We spent
A wonderful leisure afternoon on it.
We came across a bison enjoying the sunshine. Bison, bear,elk and mule deer scat as well. Prepare to cross water.

One of the best hikes in the park.

An amazingly beautiful place. There are many trails that branch off from the big sandy trail after 6 miles. We did a 2 night 3 day loop. We hiked passed big sandy lake and clear lake the first day, camping near clear lake on the giant rock slabs. The next day we passed deep lake and temple lake, looping around we camped near rapid creek the second night. This is a loop that connects back to big sandy lake. I think most people don't realize u can loop around as many of the people we met had gone on the same path to deep lake and back. We passed many hikers on the way to deep lake but saw no one the second day hiking near rapid creek. The different scenery of mountains, lakes, meadows, and creeks were amazing. The total loop was around 24 miles.

5 days ago

I recommend going to the face and coming down huckleberry. Such a great hike...views of the Tetons take your breath away. (The wind at the top may also contribute to this). Took us 3 hours up and 3 hours down. We saw lots of unprepared hikers with no water or packs and crappy shoes. This is one hike you'll want to come prepared for.

on Union Falls Trail

5 days ago

Just an FYI... the road to this trailhead is now closed for the season :)