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trail locations for Wisconsin
16 hours ago

First of all, the trail is closed Nov. 15--March 31 to protect nesting eagles so plan your visit accordingly. The dirt road leading to the trail head is in good shape with only a few potholes, should not be a problem for any vehicles. The short trail circles around Ferry bluff and climbs moderately to Cactus bluff. This stretch is exceptionally constructed and maintained. At Cactus bluff there are 9 signs with good information arranged in half a circle. To see the views you'll need to go beyond the signs and come near sheer cliff drop. Use extreme caution here, a fall can be fatal. The view of Wisconsin river and surrounding rolling hills is spectacular, and this is a descent hike by itself. For the more adventurous, however, go back behind the signs and just as the short boardwalk ends take the boot trail up the ridge. This is a more strenuous trail with a short climb, some fallen trees to navigate, and tons of mosquitos. No eagles today. The trail is not marked but quite obvious. It rises to the top of the bluffs, and circles east to arrive at the tip of Ferry bluff. You will be rewarded with an exceptional view. The Cactus bluff view point is far below you to the west. You now have a much better, commanding view of the river. Enjoy cranes and geese flying below on the river. Turn back and backtrack the trail to return. Beware of mosquitos: I was severely mauled by them despite constantly showering myself with bug spray!

Not well marked in places. Not as scenic as had hoped.

Great little hike!

Love big foot beach! Trails are beautiful and great for the kids!

Nice trail, well marked and maintained. Pretty easy going with some nice inclines to give you a little workout. The observation deck was great, you gst there about half way through the loop.

Dont miss the cave tours!! Excellent. Give this park a little break, its currently being rehabed after tornadoes whipped through and tore it to shreds. Worth the stop and hike!! Fresh spring water, caving, hiking, on a river, lots of picture opportunities! -La Nua Photography

A favorite hike for me. Great long loops with awesome shots for photographers!

6 days ago

Nice hike overall for the middle of Wisconsin. The leaves were just starting to change colors as I approached the forest, so I was really excited to see all the foliage. There were so many mushrooms throughout the entire park that we could see that it made it a fun game to play. We hiked the South, Ridge, and Central trails. It was a nice hike where we only saw about two groups on our entire morning here.
Very peaceful and contemplative environment. The forest is well taken care of, and the ridge was absolutely beautiful. Such a nice place to go for a quick hike.

6 days ago

I love this place.

on Newport State Park

6 days ago

Beautiful trails. Really got in touch with nature. Saw a dead animal too.

Nice walk. Limited spring/summer views.

7 days ago

Great moderate difficulty trail, will do it again!

Clean and easy loop trail with no obstacles. The loop is a big square. The northern edge is in prairie. The main attractions are a cold bubbling spring with nice Boardwalk where one can touch the water, and a minor hill with 150ft vertical gain. Locally known as the picnic hill, the top offers panoramic views of Madison state Capitol and surrounding glaciated areas. The hill top also features five Native American effigy mounds. The western edge goes into the woods and crosses a couple bridges. The southern edge is on a loooong Boardwalk. After crossing one more bridge the eastern edge emerges onto prairie again, passing through a water tower, and enters Orchid Heights park with facilities. Sandhill cranes are occasionally sighted.

11 days ago