2 days ago

Hiked from Wapiti Lake to Mist Pass.
Pros: amazing thermal features, no mans land, wildlife, scenery
Cons: not much shade, trail can be hard to follow in the valleys, especially difficult to follow trail across pelican valley to mist lake trail

2 days ago

Pros: good fishing, nice views, lots of buffalo
Cons: too busy, poor campsites

Beautiful hike. Hiked from Heart Lake down to South Entrance. The section from HL to Sheridan Lake is amongst the most beautiful parts of the park. Lots of bear sign, saw one grizzly on South Boundary trail n ar the scree field. Don't pass up this hike even though the guide book says it isn't that great.

My favorite hike in Tahoe!!! Views were spectacular. Next time I will pack a picnic lunch and walk down to the beach/water. There were some steep climbs in a few stretches but nothing too challenging. Highly recommend!!!

Fun day hike! The falls were larger than I thought. Very impressive to see how high the water has been in the past.

Great for biking, not so much for hiking.

Path is very narrow, and everything from the obstacles to bumps in the road indicate it was for cyclists. Everyone was nice but all but one person was a cyclist and I started to feel like I was in their way.

Apart from feeling out of place the trail was incredibly beautiful, almost entirely in the woods and shaded, and easy to follow. I won't be walking it again but if I ever get comfortable doing off-road biking I will certainly be back. Highly recommend this one to cyclists.

My husband and I wanted to check this place out because we had heard good things about it through their Facebook page. we went and hiked for about two hours. There was a lot of neat wildlife out there, including the Buffalo like they advertise. Unfortunately, for my taste, some of the trails were not maintained enough. There were a few places you would have to walk through tall grass, and considering the proximity to the lake and the fact that we spotted a cottonmouth, it seemed like it would increase your chances of being bit by a snake.

There is a neat little educational center with an owl, hawk, baby alligator, snapping turtle, and a few snakes on display. They also have a neat birdwatching room. Even as an adult, I felt like the center was neat. I would recommend these trails still, but be wary on them because of the snakes and the fact it isn't as maintained as some of the other non-concrete trails in the area.

This was a beautiful area to walk in. There are more falls in this area than anywhere else I have ever seen.

This place was super cool. Not only is the scenery to die for but the history that floods this trail is unreal. Multiple stops along the trail and cool tidbits of history info. So glad I chose to go see what this place was about.

5 days ago

Great little walking trail. Interesting views as well as history. Can get a little crowded at times, however I have always meet good people on this trail. If I lived closer I would be there as often as my time permits.

I hiked the eastern portion of this trail while hiking down to Tamolitch pool, making this part of a 2 day backpacking trip. We camped near Tamolitch pool and the Clear Lake trail was at the very beginning and end of our hike, which was great! The paved path through the volcanic flows is wild to look at.

Absolutely beautiful! Go down to the campgrounds for tranquil and peaceful views!

7 days ago

Lovely short hike.

Third hike and loved it!! The long flat walk paralleling the railroad tracks and the C&O Canal was a great start but on the way back seemed so much longer and void of views... But it was a great hike and our pups loved it too!!

Great walk.