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mountain biking
4 days ago

Most of these are really mountain bike trails and not so much hiking trails. There's a couple hiking only trails to the old rope mill, but I'd stick to Kennesaw Mtn or Pine Mtn to get any real hiking cardio in.

Perfect for a fairly flat relaxing hike

After doing a loop to reach the overlook to Harpers Ferry, we decided to drive to the Weverton Cliffs (9 mins) and do a short hike. It was continuously uphill but it was quite easy. There are so many leaves on the pathway during fall that you can easily slip. The cliffs are really nice and worth the trip if you have extra time after finishing a hike nearby.

Went on this hike 3 days ago and it was great. We made it around the whole lake and got to walk on a little bit of snow on the east end. It was beautiful.

I hike this with my pups often. Some mountain bikers that you have to step aside for. Overall good footing, and we saw a river otter last week.

Enjoyed a weekend getaway with some hiking, sightseeing, and geocaching. We hiked a total of nine trails which we turned into an insane loop throught the park. The hike turned out awesome, even hiked over into Kentucky to capture a geocache and enjoy a quick lunch break at the picnic shelter. We stayed in one of the cottages which it was very peaceful, quiet, and relaxing. Will definitely come here again!

6 days ago

Loved this trail

road biking
6 days ago

great trail for biking except in some areas you have to watch out for cars.

trail running
6 days ago

Looking at the map looked like a easy waypoint . But the trail is not marked well .

GPS led me to some private property. I knocked on two doors, had some tea and petted a cat looking for this trail to no avail. anybody know how to get there?

We completed this kayak adventure several times while living in the Portland / McMinnville area of OR because it was one of our favorite paddles. The river starts at the ocean where you can play in the bay before venturing up river (mindful of the tides). There is a wetland area where a sojourn through grasses and cattails is great fun but careful on watching the route in as it is easy to lose your sense of direction back to the main river. The river has lots of wildlife including otters, bald eagles and osprey. There are wide areas of the river that can get quite rough with the combination of the tide and wind but this just adds to the fun. As you continue the river narrows but stays deep with steep banks so there is no problem of bottoming out. One spot requires a “limbo” under a pole used as a walkway over the river. Travelling through farmer’s field you encounter cows watering on the bank. Just keep “moooving” as not to disturb their relaxation. Overall, this is a fantastic kayak trip for a full day of paddling. Enjoy!

river perfect but beware if you own personal equipment the private campgrounds and canoe outfitters will refuse your business and try to make your life rough

8 days ago

Fun trails, well maintained, natural terrain, not crowded, beautiful views

Nice bicycle ride

8 days ago

I like to do this trail as a loop. I park at Eckert bridge and hike north on the east side of the river. Cross at the Covered bridge and work my way back south on the west side. It s a great day hike.

GORGEOUS day for a hike! So many years since I've been hear, so nice to rediscover. So many trails to discover and so much to do! Will definitely bee back soon! #52hikechallenge2016