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trail locations for West Virginia
mountain biking
2 days ago

I've been biking different parts of this trail since I was a kid. Still one of my favorite places.

Favorite spot to take my boys for hiking and backpacking!

Trailhead directions lead us no where. Just look up the Huntington museum of art and you'll see the trails beside it:) great little hike. Lots of forks, but they all lead to the same place.

5 days ago

Good trail!! Really enjoyed hiking it and would recommend it to anyone.

Nice easy trail. I take my 4 kids (10,5,3,5 mos) down it regularly.

Nice easy trail. I take my 4 kids (10,5,3,5 mos) down it regularly.

This trail provides a nice break if you've been driving I-68 a couple of hours. From the Coopers Rock exit, take Rt. 73 east to the bottom of the mountain. Just before the bridge, there is a small gravel parking lot with two signs, both difficult to see from the road. A third sign, a few feet into the trail, is overgrown with autumn olive. After navigating around a large rock, you come to a bridge with rotten-looking floor boards. We crossed this bridge without difficulty by staying over the supporting logs. At the junction we turned left and walked uphill gradually through a very nice hardwood forest. After about half a mile, we came to another junction. At 5:30 PM without a map, we thought it was best to turn right and walk downhill along the creek. We passed through an old stand of hemlocks. While I'm not sure if they are virgin timber, it was one of the oldest and healthiest hemlock groves I've seen in a while. At the bottom of the hill we thought we might be looking at a spot where hikers could ford the creek, possibly walking upstream to connect with the trail we didn't take. A few feet later, a sharp right turn took us back to approach trail. We walked about a mile overall.

The loop was much better maintained than the approach. We wondered if this trail has had inappropriate use, if it's a "best kept secret," or if it's primarily a WVU classroom for forestry students. I'd love to find a map and see if this connects with any other trails.

Third hike and loved it!! The long flat walk paralleling the railroad tracks and the C&O Canal was a great start but on the way back seemed so much longer and void of views... But it was a great hike and our pups loved it too!!

6 days ago

on Blackwater Falls

6 days ago

Great trail. Our four year old son navigated it just perfectly. Lots of rocks and roots to climb over which will keep a kid's interest in climbing. He didn't noticed how high we were getting until we reached the top. Plenty of great photo ops as well with all of the moss covered boulders. The trail is marked very well with yellow dots and gives you the opportunity to chose different options in a couple of spots. We will be returning soon.

Amazing! The best that West Virginia has to offer!

This was a very easy Trekk from the parking spot off of Rt. 9 in VA. We started our hike here and stoppes in Warners Gap, MD. The keys gap section was the easiest section of our trip, is a very rocky path so make sure you have some good shoes on. We did pass 2 small camping areas that wasn't listed on the A.T. web page that looked like a nice little over night stay for someone who is looking for an easy in and out camp night.

12 days ago

I love the ending view and the trail itself isn't too hard for the average person

on Red Creek Trail

12 days ago

This is an outstanding backpack trail, beware high volume. Be sure to combat hi pH, as the water you'll be drinking is quite acidic... Some route finding/navigation skills are needed at lower elevation, especially when at crossings... no blazes and VERY FEW cairns to rely on. Do yourself a favor and bring a 24K topo.

Fairly easy trail with amazing views! If you are afraid of heights just stay on the main trail but if you are adventurous there are many side paths that will give you all you can handle

This is a nice, easy trail. It is located at the Huntington Art Museum and is pretty easy to find.