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The winter garden is absolutely deserving a visit during spring.

I hiked this trail a few times while I was temporarily staying in the area. Since I was hiking in summer, I liked this trail because a lot of it is in shaded foresty areas, so you stay a little cooler. If you go clockwise, you start on a more well-used path that follows the creek, eventually making it to the Cedar Groves. Then the trail zigzags up the side of a hill. Once higher up, the trail follows the side of a hill, where you can occasionally glimpse a view of the surrounding hills. Most of the time, you don't have much of a view of the surrounding area since you're in a forest setting, but it's still pretty there. You also pass by a waterfall. The last half of the hike is gradual decline along the equestrian part of the trail, which also goes along a creek. On one of my hikes, I chose to go the loop backwards, saving the waterfall and pretty Cedar groves area for the later half, but that also meant starting out going uphill, which made it a little harder. If you go the equestrian route first, you can also veer off the path and continue upwards, where there are some nice views overlooking the valley.

a beautiful fall hike to see the Larch trees in full yellow colors. I went with my 6wk old granddaughter and mom and 2 dogs.....loved the signage of trees, view points, benches along the way. lovely

1 day ago

Crowded but the payoff at the top was well worth it.

Rainy, but a great walk. Started out wearing a hoody and pants cause I didn't plan on going for a fast walk. Wasn't sure if I should wear the rain poncho or use the umbrella. Decided to use the umbrella cause it's not as much material and doesn't need to be hung up to dry.

10 minutes in I'm walking kinda fast and starting to get too warm. Hoody came off and didn't need the umbrella for quite awhile because the rain stopped. 20 or so minutes later tshirt came off cause I'm walking fast and getting sweaty. I usually prefer to not wear a shirt when hiking or walking cause it gets quite sweaty and sticks to me afterward and takes awhile to dry.

While not wearing the shirt I use it to wipe my brow and face occasionally and it's still doesn't get as sweaty as when I wear it. Half way through I was wishing I had wore shorts instead of pants cause my legs are getting quite sweaty and making me hot. I wanted to slow down a bit but I kept a fast brisk pace to keep building that mental toughness and perseverence to keep pushing which also builds physical endurance.

trail running
1 day ago

Amazing for trail running! Incredible views the entire time and manageable terrain.

Amazing views!!

It's fun and there's a lot to look at but it's pretty much flat the whole time I wouldn't call it a hiking trail.

Gorgeous! The fall leaves are beautiful

rainy day and breezy on the coast. hiking with my son and neither of us were in shape. decided to do an easy trail. boardwalk most of the way, some in great shape others were not so good.

Despite another KK late start (dynamics of life), the weather held and the views were fantastic at the Katwalk. Surprisingly little snow on the north side for late Oct, although that will change soon. Trail maintenance was exceptional given huge storms two weeks ago. Vert is spread out over long distances, so not overwhelming. A fav hike #always. Plan 5-6 hrs.

Gorgeous trail. 7.5 miles long. Very quiet, haven't seen anybody all day. Numerous lakes around. Great workout! Hiked on October 25th 2016. Bring layers it was around 40-45 degrees, cold!