kid friendly

trail locations for Vancouver, Washington

Great leisurely hike

Flat but REALLY enjoyable. Also great for Pokemon catching!

Perfect little trail for running!

this should be rated as moderate not hard! I've climbed this 6 times and once in 2 feet of snow love this trail and views

gorgeous views

Great trail for all skill levels, bike riders and walking your dog. Great views and many good photography opportunities.

love the Gorge

scenic driving
1 month ago

Prettiest on the lower half. Dry the upper half.

This is a great, easy set of trails. Truly beautiful. I took my Yorkie there. As someone else mentioned, it is definitely not for strollers, at least not the trail I took. Actually, I don't know which trail I took. The only issue I have with this area is that, while it's great to have signs showing the different trails, I had no idea where on the map I was. I pulled out my phone and figured it out from my AllTrails app, but I still wasn't sure which direction to go in, and I shouldn't have to rely on my phone. A "you are here" dot would go a long way. Luckily, it's a pretty straightforward hike, and eventually you'll end up back on campus. Overall a nice hike on a hot day.

scenic driving
2 months ago

Did this hike a few years ago. To see my pictures and review please visit The Washington Trails Association website (WTA.org). Loved the Silver Star Mountain view, and so will you!! Silver Star is the highest point in Skamania County, Washington.

scenic driving
2 months ago

Great drive

2 months ago

The trailhead on this map is in the middle of Vancouver Lake, so it's better to just go to the park by the lake and do an out -and-back from there. A lot of the trail meanders through a deciduous forest of cottonwood and alder, a cool and pleasant walk on a hot day that ends suddenly in a swampy area.

Was very steep in the beginning. leveled out pretty well! I picked the wrong day of the week. After about a half mile after pyramid rock I had to turn around. Got steep and slick. Even got a little snow!! It was fun. Just have to get to the top next time.

Hot day, good trail. Saw turtles.