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trail locations for Tacoma, Washington

it's ok. Middle of city.
nice park good with kids and dog.

Trail was ok. Started at pioneer and really didn't like the gravel and rock, was glad it wasn't the entire trail. I wish the trail was marked a little better that's why I gave it 3 stars. Was my first time and was trail running and with all the other small trails coming in and out it made it hard to know we were on the right trail. Loved the scenery.

A bit tiring towards the end with quick increase in elevation.

Easy run, doesn't feel like 2.1 miles. Nice view.

5 days ago

It's a nice break from our usual trails, and it leads down to Ruston Way. If your looking for really rustic trails, with animals, waterfalls, and captivating scenery...this isn't the trail for you. My 2 yr old enjoyed it, but parts were challenging for him. It was a bit of challenge going back. I left the wife and kid down, ran up and got the car. Parts were stinky. I'd probably bring the kid carrier next time for the trip back up!

21 days ago

It was a blast to follow the trail out then bush wack threw the creek bed back out, love this trail and it's so close. I can not wait to do it again.

22 days ago

It was our first trail since moving here. For me the trail was a little difficult. For my boyfriend he said it was pretty easy.

22 days ago

trail is very easy and great for beginners

Can never get tired of the views especially during sunrise/sunsets. It's a 5k that will kick your butt into shape.

This was a beautiful hike with beautiful views. I am new to hiking, and was able to easily do the hike. Places to rest, and even a bathroom and off leash dog park!!

trails were well maintained,very nice, as well as great interaction with other hikers and beautiful surroundings gave an all around
great vibe.
will definitely be hiking there again..