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Gorgeous! The fall leaves are beautiful

trail running
5 days ago

This is another trail in that area geared more towards mountain biking but otherwise a nice short hike.

trail running
5 days ago

I did a trail run here and I'd agree that it's more of a mountain biking trail. We encountered so much mountain bike traffic that it became difficult to enjoy the run, due to having to get out of the way for them. Nothing against mountain biking, because I enjoy that activity as well, but this trail shouldn't be considered multi-use on some of the trail sections. However, there are so many trails on Beacon Hill, if you could determine which trails had less bike traffic, it's beautiful terrain and gorgeous views.

Could be described as more of a trashed city park near the Appleway trailhead than a nature hike. The times that I've hiked around have been on the loops to the east of the nature area, where it connects with the 8th Street trailhead. This seems to be where there are usually transients and a lot of trash. I haven't taken the trail through the lodge that seems to venture more south.

Some parts of the trails are easy to make out but it's not a well groomed trail for, what I would consider, to be casual walking. I'm more of a "make my own trail" person, so the lack of groomed pathways doesn't bother me. It's not so bad that you couldn't find your way out again, especially being near a busy arterial.

We hike and trail run here all the time. One of my favorite trails in the area.

Great trail especially if you are bringing your dogs just be careful because some people who bring their dogs do not have friendly pets and they will bite so just keep a close eye on your pet

10 days ago

Did this hike last Winter with snowshoes. Super fun! Trail was impossible to find with snow but it's tough to get lost. Views were OK.

We did a shorter 3 mile loop "south bluff" trail out of this network of trails. Nice spot, please tell hike. Pretty busy even on a rainy windy day.

An enjoyable hike.

Nice and easy. Saw lots of dog poop in bags.

Very pretty out! We enjoyed these trails and they're well maintained.

Very pretty trail! We loved it and really enjoyed the views.

24 days ago

Great hike! Beautiful fall colors!

on Rocks of Sharon Trail

27 days ago

Beautiful hike today.
The leaves are changing and it's so pretty! First time here. Can't wait to do it in the snow.

1 month ago