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Great. Beautiful views with moderate terrain. My pup loved it too.

Great for me and my kids (11, 10, 9, 7). Includes view of the canal, little creek to catch skater bugs, fun windy snake decline and lovely shade the whole way. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

great for running

2 months ago

It's a short nice trail! Did anybody notice the old cracked road portion with the old crashed car off the edge?? I wonder what the history of it is. The car looked like it may be from the 40's. ???

Nice trail. A little steep and maybe slippery down to the beach. Small parking lot.

3 months ago

Pretty spot and the trails have lots of shade. There are a couple nice views but catching the ocean at low tide was my favorite. This trail is short so probably ideal for family outings.

Nice little walk.
There are a few narrow parts to be careful, but it is a great place as a whole. Love it.

nature trips
4 months ago


Nice scenery. Very easy, never a dull moment.

trail running
4 months ago

its great you get 3 conditions road, dirt & board walk, flat with slight hill very easy trail to walk, jog, run or even ride bike all that plus dog friendly too!!!

This trail was very nice, I went with my three kids 6,8,11 years and they had a great time!! We ended up at the beach and played there for a while. When we climbed back up found a little spot where you can take pictures of the view . It was amazing! Climbing up is a little steep but it's not as bad and kids loved it! It's well worth it! will go back!

4 months ago

Trail is open but there is a short portion closed. I walked the trail today and it was great.

I loved it. Very big and it lead to interesting scenery.

This trail is currently closed for construction until October.

Great walk

Great walk in the rain. Lots of rainforest stuff. Beautiful beach. Slippery trail on hill. Boots recommended.

6 months ago

Perfect for a stroll. It is stroller friendly. Nothing too exciting about it however.

Short walk. Not a hike. mostly board walk through wet lands. Stroller friendly and kid friendly. Perfect for a quick walk.

Pot was beautiful scenery all around. Nice walk, it was a bit muddy and the hills kicked my butt but I did it!