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trail locations for Seattle, Washington

Nice view on the bay

8 days ago

nice city park with lots of varying points of interest

10 days ago

This is my boyfriend and i's favorite place to walk our dog! There's water for her to play in and a paved road all the way around the park, there's also trails all throughout and you forget you're so close to the city. It's so beautiful and one of my favorite places in Seattle. Highly recommend!!

12 days ago

trail running
14 days ago

Loop trail is a mixture of dirt, gravel and some asphalt and not technical. Small inclines/declines on the run. Enjoyed the forest and views. My biggest complaint is there are too many people and not enough trail etiquette.

It's a nice trail for beginners. it's a clear path with nice visuals of nature. the only downside is the water treatment plant that get a bit smelly. other then that it's a nice clean and friendly trail.

This is a beautiful park I'll definitely come back to. However, the trails are not marked well and the trail map is fairly useless. With construction going on a lot of the side trails are closed. But it is easy to figure out which way you're going. Good for walking and exploring the local flora.

25 days ago

1 month ago

So peaceful.

1 month ago

well if you like to watch people shoot up drugs and pass out on the park benches have at it.

watch out for the puke.

no trees no wilderness just concrete and no trail .

AwBeckler River Campground, Beckler Rd, Skykomish, WA 98288

trail running
1 month ago

walking.. running.. playing basketball.. volleyball. football.. kayaking.. swimming.. relaxing.. all can be done here.. i usually go here for a run..

Trails in the woods were empty but as soon as I got on the main path I saw people frequently. A lot of people by the water. Nice family area but not great if you want seclusion.

Super easy, but fun, good for all levels young & old. A talk and walk type of spot.