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trail locations for Puyallup, Washington

Great walk and workout with my hiking pack. Really nice that the temp is cool and occasional wind.

2 days ago

Great hike. Cool and breezy feels amazing with a 20lb backpack on my back.

Great hike with a cool breeze


So beautiful. Great for a quick run.

11 days ago

Great rural trail right in the middle of Puyallup downtown. Lots of hills, probably muddy in the wet season. It's easy to get rather lost in some of the woody areas, so don't try it too close to sundown. There is also an off-leash dog area, but most people were walking with their dogs off leash anyway. great for the pups.

Been awhile since I had a good hike so I didn't want to over do it with distance. But I did a lot of hills to increase the workout.

Little warm but always a great walk. Others have commented about not sure which way to go on the trail. First of all it depends on how much you want to walk. Some people just do the loop/circle part and skip the straight part going to the schools. Here's what to do if you want to do the trail as shown on the app. If you start from the north trailhead with the big plaque stay straight all the way to the school and make no right turn. On the way back make the first left turn, than another left farther down the trail. This will bring you past the playground and to the parking lot.

If you want to start at the playground stay right on the trail at the two junctions and continue to the schools. On the way back stay straight on the trail and make no turns. Whether you start at the trailhead or park walking across the long parking lot is part of the "trail" as pictured on the app. There are some faded spray paint arrows that someone painted at the junctions long ago, but they're kinda hard to see.

After you walk the trail a few times it's easy to remember the route if thats how you want to do it. I start from either end. Also the distance shown on the app is wrong. When you move your finger over the graph at the bottom you'll see that whoever recorded the route doubles back 2 or 3 times. I'm not sure why they recorded the trail longer than what it really is. The trail as shown on the app is actually 2.5 miles, give or take about a tenth of a mile.

Lots of different elevations and side trails to explore. Walked for two hours - only about 1/3 of it was on the main trail, by choice. Hikers, pick up your trash and dog poop!

2 laps cool and breezy made for a great hike

Some rain but cool temp made for a good walk

Warm but a great walk

Awesome walk. Started out kinda cool but than warmed up a bit. Occasional breeze felt great!

Great walk and a bit warm but not too bad with the shade along the trail.

Quick fast hike for speed

3 laps, wow I'm soooo exhausted! While doing the 2nd lap I thought maybe I was a bit too sore and thirsty to do a 3rd lap. But I quit thinking about water and being sore and thought about other things to distract myself. I drank about 16oz of water on the way to the park but I should've drank a bit more. I don't like carrying a big water bottle on short 2 or 3 mile hikes. But because this trail is a circle I may leave it half way along the trail and move it when I come back around and leave it at the end. Than I can have water without carrying it the whole time.

2 laps and kinda warm but not bad with the tree canopy. Glad to get a hike in before it hits 94° today.

1 month ago