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trail locations for Port Angeles, Washington

I don't give many 5 stars. This is my first experience in Olympic so I might be quick to offer this up but the views are really something else. Quick easy trail just past the visitor center on hurricane ridge that you might find yourself hanging around on for several hours. It is in the rain shadow so a lot drier than coastal or in the cascades.

Views of the eastern ridges and the core of Olympic. I can't say enough how spectacular the views are. Seldom don't get a trail this open and expansive with the minimal effort required. The latter might be the only downfall as there are a lot of people and you will have some trouble with the solitude a place like this requires. All said, though, if you have a couple of hours to spare and just happen to be in the extreme northwest of the US you should do this hike.

We took the advice from a reviewer and walked East. It's a nice wide road/trail for walking, biking, etc.

11 days ago

Just finished it with 4 little girls. Youngest (3 years old) hiked back out unassisted in less than 45min. You can do it, but yes it is steep. You will not be sorry to see the falls and the Lake itself. We did have two of the girls get stung by bees because of a ground nest near the first creek crossing, so be careful in late August- early September.

11 days ago

Wonderful views. There was a group of deer laying down very close to the trail near the top. This was my first time to Hurricane Ridge I am looking forward to hiking more up there someday. The paved / gravel trail is well maintained but I very much prefer a dirt trail.

Steep and rewarding very at top. Even saw a mountain goats!

15 days ago

Great hike for families! Relatively easy. You can bring your dog too.

18 days ago

Stunning view, had a great Labor Day Hike with my group of friends❤️

18 days ago

We fell IN LOVE with this trail! Perfect distance with a lot to see- beautiful trees, the waterfall, lake, and more gorgeous trees.

on Hurricane Hill Trail

19 days ago

Pretty straight forward hike with lots of great views!

on Lake Angeles Trail

19 days ago

Great hike! Pretty challenging, as it is a fairly steep uphill climb. The views at the top are definitely worth the effort.

Amazing DO IT

Worth way more than the little effort it takes to get there!

Nice easy hike with tons of beauty.

28 days ago

Amazing views! Pictures will never do it any justice