there isn't much sign for trail and we got lost.

on Mima Falls Trail

9 days ago

The trail is well maintained and fairly easy. The only annoyance was all the horse poop on the trail but it wasn't anything major. Dogs on leash are allowed which is nice, took an overweight three year old golden lab and he did great. This is a hike I would bring my somewhat older parents on.

small trail not much room to walk your dog and I wasn't really impressed

It is a beautiful place that shares a not so beautiful past and how nature prevails....

23 days ago

it's right downtown so if you're looking for a simple close to town walk this is good!

Beautiful on a sunny day

Pretty basic not much to see but a great place to take gramma or the kids. We finished and played in the park after. Lots of trails. Bring a charged phone to follow the map and avoid getting turned around.

Way too much house poop! Not clearly marked as where to go to see the falls. It is a nice hike though if you're on a time schedule.

Very very well-kept trail. Lots of shade with a few open breaks. Only saw three mountain bikers and no one else on a Tuesday morning and afternoon. Very quiet with no car or airplane noise even. Nice even doses of easy uphill, easy downhill, and nice straits. Just a very good trail all the way around. Would definitely come back again. If you follow the directions on the app GPS you end up driving past where the trail crosses the road by a few hundred yards. The actual coordinates are 46.925837 -123.112538.