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Great for kids and dogs. Not to far from Olympia. Need parking pass.

It was a great trail with scenic viewing spots however, this is not a running/ trail running route. We were informed by a Park Ranger after jogging the route.

nature trips
23 days ago

Beautiful, especially with the fall leaves on a perfect fall day.

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24 days ago

Definitely wouldn't call this "easy", maybe it's because I'm a Midwesterner, but running up and down the wet, wooden, uneven stairs on the switchbacks of the inlet can feel a bit more moderate. That being said, absolutely lovely views and interesting paths. Don't bring grandma on the route that involves switchbacks, but do bring kids - it'll tire the heck out of them if they're obedient enough to not fall down the sides of the trail.

Nice when you don't have a lot of time we got to see the salmon running up stream in September it was awesome

Took the whole loop with 3 yr old grandson he loved it! So did we

A nice place to take children. I took mine in late September and you could see hundreds of salmon in the water. It's a really nice walk in the fall.

beautiful and quiet in October. not too many people to populate the trail. careful of aggressive bikers though, got ran over for having my headphones in while walking.

trail is super lumpy. Lots of boulders under some dust. hard on the feet and ankles but still a decent trail. slight elevation gain but nothing a healthy person couldn't handle. expect more motorized traffic than actual foot traffic.

easy short trail right near downtown Olympia. like to hike this one early in the morning. if you wait too long it will be too busy and crowded. Lots of little children as well so be aware if you are a dog walker. no bikers on this one since it is too short.

Awesome display of west coast forest on mostly flat terrain.

there isn't much sign for trail and we got lost.