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trail locations for Olympia, Washington

Beautiful on a sunny day

Pretty basic not much to see but a great place to take gramma or the kids. We finished and played in the park after. Lots of trails. Bring a charged phone to follow the map and avoid getting turned around.

Way too much house poop! Not clearly marked as where to go to see the falls. It is a nice hike though if you're on a time schedule.

Very very well-kept trail. Lots of shade with a few open breaks. Only saw three mountain bikers and no one else on a Tuesday morning and afternoon. Very quiet with no car or airplane noise even. Nice even doses of easy uphill, easy downhill, and nice straits. Just a very good trail all the way around. Would definitely come back again. If you follow the directions on the app GPS you end up driving past where the trail crosses the road by a few hundred yards. The actual coordinates are 46.925837 -123.112538.

18 days ago

I liked this trail. I just wanted to remind people if you are taking your dog on this trail to have them on a leash. Saturday I had an incident where the owner of a very BIG dog didn't have his dog on a leash and it roughed up my dog that was on a leash. The owner was pretty far back on the trail so I had to fend off this huge dog by myself while being 8 months pregnant. If it would've been the other way around and my dog that was on a leash would've attacked his dog while roaming free who would've been at fault?! The leash law is there to keep EVERYONE safe. I wanted to thank the couple I had passed earlier on the trail that came running back to help after hearing my screams.

Would be a nice brisk morning walk.

A bit challenging for an out of shape, forgets she has asthma, chick. But beautiful and worth the stops to catch my breath.

23 days ago

We did 4.0 miles. Easy to Moderate Hike, depending on speed.

23 days ago

Very easy 3-mile walk with options for a shorter walk if needed. Fascinating information center.

24 days ago

A great place for a pleasant stroll along a boardwalk. Beautiful, unique landscape for the area with ample opportunities to see wildlife for anyone with a little patience. No shade along the boardwalk to the Puget Sound viewing platform, it could be quite hot on clear summer day.