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The trail itself is spectacular..... I really lost count on how many small streams and little waterfalls there were along the way. The lake was pretty disappointing. There are just far more scenic lakes in the area. I have made the approach from three different ways: ira spring, Talapus, and now Pratt/granite... in my personal opinion, The dissent into the prat lake basin.. is just not worth The climb out… (800 ft+ down after 7 or 8 miles and 2500+ heading up) I would recommend the trail though I will never go back… trail conditions: muddy, wet, fun, and so far, no blow downs. Just to be clear… Pratt Lake Trail is not the same as the Talapus /ollalie trail.

Great hike with fall color, tons of berries, snow on top, highly recommended :)

This was a peaceful, non-crowded and moderate
hike on an early Sunday morning. Beautiful lake at the top!

Very pretty trail. The top is pretty small though and the time of year (October) it was a little icy. Still worth it, a great work out!

This is an amazing trail! You are certainly going to do at least 13 miles... I think the 9 miles in the description is calculated from the John Wayne Trail. Most of your elevation gain will happen in the last 3 miles… This is a great way to use the first 3 miles up as a warm-up. As of this day October 11, there was a lot of ice and snow on the north west flank… This was not an issue(yet) for the approach on the scary scramble.. this is a hard hike… Be ready. As far as the blow downs, this should not be an issue for most people that hike on a regular basis… At least five trees and they were not really hard to cross or figure out… There should be no problem following this trail all the way to the top.. 6 1/2 miles up and 6 1/2 miles down… I recorded this with two different GPS devices and they both agree

Greatness! Difficult at first but get easier towards the top. Beautiful view on a sunny day. Was very windy up to so pack appropriately. One of my favorite hikes in the Cascades!

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Hiked up through and above the clouds to a "surprisingly good view" as stated by a descending hiker as we neared the top. Cascade peaks above the clouds. Strenuous, terrific hike.

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Great training trail!!!

The real story here is The new and improved middle Fork Road!!! So many great hikes and peeks with several hiking options along this beautiful " super hwy "... Not much to say about the trail itself… As of now, there is a lot of solitude and beautiful forest walks… I can imagine some of the creek crossings will be hard when the water is rushing… epic camp spots and swim holes all along this long and beautiful valley…easy to say in the least!!!! I didn't break a sweat in the 12 miles I did... This is a great way to sniff out those secret waterfalls

Relatively easy hike that is packed with tourists. Amazing views at the ledge though.

Easy. Nice view. Make sure to bring your discover pass.