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trail locations for Leavenworth, Washington

The map and the elevation are all on the same screen, making them almost unusable, plus a map selection button that always gets in the way when you zoom in on the map. Very poor GUI design.

I am planning to do this hike this coming Saturday with my family. Can anybody just tell me if it is a 8 mile trail one way and another 8 mile way out?

Very nice 4.5 mile hike. Rained most of the time we were on the trail but reasonable protection under the tree cover. Good exercise on a fairly level trail.

Great job on this Guide. Very well done. I got to explore a little of the Enchantments last year backpacking into Stuart Lake. Such a beautiful place.

8 days ago

Twin Lakes...8 miles out and back with about 2000 feet elevation change. Would rate on the easier side of hard or the more difficult side of medium. Colors are out now but not at peak. Nice spot for lunch at the first lake. Saw three other groups today. Worth the trip. Trail a bit overgrown in spots.

8 days ago

As far as the view...spectacular and worth the effort. It is not an easy trail and is very busy, so get there early for parking at the trail head.

12 days ago

13 days ago

The lake is definitely worth the hike. It's absolutely beautiful. We started early with no bugs or other impediments. I would change the trail category from moderate to difficult: maybe because I am 75. It definitely is worth the effort, but keep in mind, it's straight up most of the way.

13 days ago

Great trail- well maintained. Easy trail, perfect for families.

Absolutely an awesome hike. Trail well matained, beautiful scenery.

It was such a great trail! It did get difficult towards the end, especially considering we weren't really prepared for that but it was worth it! Good day activity. We started around 945 and got back down around 530 cuz we were up by the lake for a bit.
I would say this is a pretty difficult trail, but not impossible, if you can motivate yourself you can do it!
There's plenty of things to see during the hike so it's not only the end that's nice :)

Great hike!!! Great challenge. Took nearly 4 hours and I was moving pretty quickly on the way back, jogging for a lot of it. The sweat is worth it!! Absolutely beautiful, I intend to visit this again and try Aasgard.

16 days ago

16 days ago

Beautiful spot! Go early to avoid traffic on the trail. Gain was a good amount to push me but the trail would change from steep to flat along the entire trail. Heard you see goats up here but we didn't spot any today. Definitely would go back!

16 days ago

Simple walk through the woods with only a few short parts that are a little challenging and more like hiking. Great walk for the whole family. If you go off the main trail you'll get more of a hike. This is a beautiful part of Central Washington any time of year. There's a shrine at about the halfway mark for two young women who passed away in a river accident that heeds a warning to respect the river's strength. There is a sketchy little path down to a beautiful sandy beach at the shrine. We sat in the sand and watched the salmon jump and saw rock climbers on a rock face across the river and highway. At the end of the true trail there is a beautiful weeping rock.