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trail locations for Leavenworth, Washington
2 days ago

Truly something else during the fall. Well worth the effort.

hard trip and the long way to the core zone...we will go through colchuck next time....but a great trip!

Very good easy going trail. Took us about an hour of very relaxed hike but could have done in 30. min.
Definitely recommend.

Did this trail with my wife and friends Friday 10/7/2016 as a opening to our adventure to oktoberfest. This was the hardest trail I've done so far but the most rewarding. I've never seen so much beauty personally in one hike. It made how hard it was all worth it. We didn't plan accordingly with food so we were definitely hungry. It took us 3hrs and 10 mins up (stopping for pictures) and 2hrs to get down. 120% worth it all

Awesome for a late afternoon hike! Took maybe two hours! Beautiful scenery!

13 days ago

This trail is superrrrr hard to find but worth the search. I went and saw not a single sole. Me and my dog had the whole trail to ourselves. About half of the trail is overgrown so you can't be afraid of to almost bush whack your way to the lakes. There is also not a very good spot to go swimming on either lake. This hike is hard... A lot harder than what I thought.

Beautiful hike! Mossy trees, ferns, view of the creek from high and at level, with a fantastic view on a bridge where you can feel the mist. A must do if you are in the area!!!


20 days ago

Gorgeous scenery and nice loop for running. Would do again!

Relaxing and very well maintained! There are multiple points on the trail to park and start the loop. River was low, but the views of the surrounding mountains were great.

25 days ago

Very relaxing walk on this trail with nice views of the river.

25 days ago

25 days ago

Well worth the effort. The trail was well marked throughout the hike. Once you get to the lake itself the trail is much less defined. Look for the craggy snow-covered peaks and make note of their directionality to find the trail back down a bit easier.

I'd rate 3/4 of the trail as moderate difficulty with the last 1/4 being difficult. Trekking poles are advised for the last section in particular as well as coming down. Some of the boulders are a bit difficult for the vertically challenged (my wife is 4'10"), but not unmanageable. Lastly I'd recommend those with ankles that roll easily to take special care or wrap because the way down does a number on the ankles.

No dogs are allowed on the trail. Day hikes are allowed but you must have a permit to park. Overnight is permit only and you have to win the permit lottery to get it. The view is worth all the effort in the end.