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snow tons of snow, goegeous view

Trail was very defined all throughout the summits. Did it at night to get a view of Seattle and the surrounding areas. beautiful view and there is a "hikers hut" with electric sockets and benches to rest halfway through. We did it with 60 lb rucks, definitely challenging but not as bad as the description.

Best view I've seen in a long time. The hike is uphill the entire way, but man is it worth it!

I don't even know how many times I've done this trail! LOVE the challenging climb and the reward of the view!

No viewpoint but good conditioning hike

Amazing view!

trail running
4 days ago

I like hikes with there's no people around, so this one was pretty good. Pretty good uphill to tire you out a little bit, especially towards the end of my hike. I went about 3 1/2 miles up to some fireplace sort of near the top. It was snowy all around and a pretty tiring hike if you take it fast. Trees everywhere, the trail is very easy to follow, even in the snow. Great for my first hike in Washington.

trail running
6 days ago

I did this trail last weekend, and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. There really aren't any great viewpoints but I just wanted to do a good conditioning hike/run and this was perfect. I highly recommend traction for when you get higher up, due to the ice. I can't wait to come back and see how many times I can do this trail in one day. My only complaint is the road to the trailhead- way too many pot holes. Next time I am going to park on the side of the road and start at the high point Way trailhead.

Nice hike in the woods with good elevation. There is some ice and snow on the ground and can be slick at times but no need for spikes.

trail running
9 days ago

too cold to cross the creek so we went back over the bridge towards the Y and headed parrell with the service road. hit a T in the road and went left to the top looped back around and came down service road when we got to the top 5mile trip ! perfect weather conditions today , horse poop but it was frozen.

10 days ago

Great Hike to stretch the legs out!

12/26/16 oh my gosh it was so crowded. Lots of people without trail manners. The lookout was nice enough. It's a great hike for kids and beginners though.

19 days ago

It's was fun!! And my dog loved it

Didn't realize how hard the incline was the first 2 miles in! The top was snowy and beautiful. Very very icy as you reach the top. Great weather.

Had a great hike today up Margaret's Way to Debbie's View. The trail was in pretty good condition. However, were areas of mud towards the mid section of the hike. Then it turned in to snow towards the top.

Saw only a few people while heading up, but on my way down I saw many more heading up.

I do recommend this hike, especially on a clear day when you will have a great view of Mt. Rainier from Debbie's View.

24 days ago

12/25/2016 (Sunday) -- A mostly sunny Christmas Day, 32-36F, no wind. Snow covers upper part of the trail to Debbie's View. Meet 8 groups of people. Muddy in the middle section. The trail has become much mature as compared with the condition 14-16 months ago (my previous visits were Aug and Oct 2015).

28 days ago

12/21/2016 (Wednesday) -- 9:10 - 12:30, solo, 5.5 miles, 40-45F, sunny. Up from Big Tree Ridge, Surprise Creek, Shangri La to AA Peak, which has been renamed Harvey Manning Peak, and down via Tibbetts Marsh, Protector, Shangri La, No Name, Precipice Top, Military Ridge to Harvey Manning Park, and then Harvey Manning Trail, Big Tree Ridge back to the TH. I feel the trails in winter are in better condition than in other seasons. There is no bugs, no much overgrowth, no leaves to block the view and sunlight... If mud is frozen in a colder day (below 30F), that would be even better. One more advantage - better solitude.