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Spontaneously decided to go for a hike with my best friend in the morning and researched a few easy hikes... (he's not a big hiker) Stumbled upon this one and thought we'd give it a go. The drive up to the trail was pretty sketchy with a lot of sharp rocks on the narrow road with pretty deep and hidden potholes. Besides the scary drive up it was a nice, short hike to the lake. It just so happened to be snowing as we drove up and hiked to the lake which was pretty neat! Overall, would hike again someday... but drive up with a truck instead a Honda civic....

9 days ago

Hiked today with our Irish wolfhound and our little mix pup. With all the rain the trail is mostly mud and puddles with parts of the trail running with water. I would recommend waterproof boots for sure. One of the bridges with the handrail is very narrow and could use some of the metal netting/grip. Our wolfound almost fell off and we had to traverse through the rushing water and up the embankment. Im not sure we will do the hike again with him in the rain. We did pass several people with dogs. All were leashed as ours were except for one. Fortunately the owner had very good verbal command of his dog. Looking forward to the spring and summer to revisit this hike or on a dry day. Overall very beautiful and lush.

amazing 1st hike in washington. The mountains surrounding the lake had snow on them which was so beautiful!

on Old Robe Trail

14 days ago

First off, I have to say this hike is NOT 1.9 (trailhead sign) or 4.3 miles (All Trails app.) Say more like 6 miles roundtrip!! Definitely a great work out, with mostly incline to the lake (elevation 1,250 feet). The whole trail is pretty much rocks and roots. Very wet and muddy, thank goodness for good footwear. Not sure who rated this moderate? I'd say moderate with lots of challenges? Bigger Dog friendly, although my Schnuazer made it, he had struggles and I had to carry him across creek/ waterfalls throughout the trail. Nice parking area with outhouse building. Once we reached the lake it was absolutely breath taking views. All in all, a great hike.

5Stars because I have done this amazing hike before BUT right now, it is ROUGH. The first 1.5miles has been reclaimed by nature! Water has taken over the trail. Not only large puddles but quick, running streams of water that are wide across. Areas of trail have collapsed into the river. Lots of re- routing. Eventually you come up to a waterfall that has gained momentum. Fallen trees and wood have created a dam. The logs are extremely slick. And parts feel like it could go at any moment and be carried away into the swift moving water. The water is deep and rushing fast. We decided it was not safe, and turned back at this point. Be safe!

21 days ago

Amazing, stunning views! A tad bit unmarked so think twice before making a turn, a little tough but totally worth the view.

27 days ago

Nice easy hike. This morning it was raining and so there were lots of large pools and puddles on the trail. My foot sank down a good 6 inches into the mud. No bugs and by the time we got to the lake there was fog so we didn't continue on to bathtub lakes.

30 days ago

I was up on ashland lakes trail and boardman lake trail just this last week . the trails are very beautiful and it very tranquill and scenic . but getting there on the dirt road has such deep pot holes that even though i due drive a SUV i almost didn't make it on the road . in one one of the pot holes was so deep that i came to hanging up my subaru forester . I sure hope the forest service gravels and blades this road soon .

So gorgeous. Countless waterfalls. Lots of water on the trail - manageable. The sheer rock mountain is almost dizzying - just completely gorgeous! Let trail head at 10, lake at 11:15. Lunch & did trail around the lake. Left lake at 12:30 & back to car by 1:50. Beyond beautiful! Great for kids too.

Hiked the trail for the second time this year. Lots of trees down from recent storms. Along with lots of water on trail the bridges are very slippery so use hand rails when available. Did not see any of the traction wire noted in other posts. I still enjoy this trail due to history and the kiln.

Hiked this on Sunday and it was fantastic! The trail wasn't to busy and we were able to truly enjoy our hike. The lake water was a super pretty blue. My dogs also enjoyed the hike:)

Around 5-6 miles of road before trailhead is loosegravel with small potholes, it is easily passable though. Headed out from trailhead around 10:30am on Friday morning, parking was busy, got up to top around 12:20pm. Trail is maintained but is easy to miss at some points. Since it's raining most of the trail was muddy and watery. It is not an easy hike but I saw people of all ages there. Once you get to the top 360view is beautiful, you can see Mt. Rainer and Mt. baker and many other mountains. There were no snow, but it was cold and slippery at some places.

Things to remember: Discover Pass or $5 day use fee
1. Hiking shoes and extra layers of cloths( this tail is very muddy and watery, so you need waterproof shoes and also it's very rocky)
2. Lots of water and food to enjoy on top.
3.gloves, extra jackets, hiking poles ( when I went up it was sunny and when I got to top it was super cold and freezing)
4. Go only on sunny day or cloudy day (please try not to go on rainy day because those rocks get very slippery durning rain.)

According to my watch it was 6 Miles round trip

It is really beautiful hike you will love it, good luck !!!!!