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trail locations for Granite Falls, Washington

had a great time and love the view from the road

WE Hiked this trail on the 9th of Sept 2016, it's beautiful and lake was wonderful but I agree with Sherry Cain
VERY ROCKY AND FULL OF ROOTS ON THE TRAIL in fact I would add that it is ALL ROCKS AND ROOTS and small STREAMS!!! Stopped to ask a ranger at the station before going up and he say there are a few rocks, this range needs to look up the meaning of a few! So the joke between my hiking friend and myself was "just a Few Rocks". Also there are lots and lots of steps 2/3 of the way up that start at your knees and I am 5'7" tall, so if you do hike this know that so of it is more climbing then just a hike, and much longer then 1.9 miles. A young man hiking with his mother had a GPS that was clocking at more like 2.5 going up and more like 1500 elev. too. It took us 2.5 hours going up and not counting the time at the lake 4.5 hours total hiking time. EVERYONE we meet going up told us "it so worth it at the top" and I agree but I think information on this hike is way out of date, and with it getting dark sooner you/we need the true time, distance and condition of the trail. WE DID EJOY IT and WE WERE SO PROUD OF OURSELVES BUT it is not as advised.

6 days ago

Sooo beautiful one of my Fave!!My BF and I loved it.Its a bit hard but so worth it.You must try it:)

One of the most rewarding hikes I've ever done. it was beautiful weather and going in a Friday allowed us to avoid most of the crowds. going in a clear day is suggested so you can see the surrounding mountain ranges and get the full 360 degree view

I've done this hike many times, sun or clouds the view is always amazing. I spent the night in the tower and watched the most amazing sunrise. I highly recommend it as a day hike or overnighter for a sunset and rise. Oh, the stars were amazing too!

8 days ago

Perfect day for this beautiful hike! Sunny & 76

Adventurous trail for all skill levels!! Well maintained, secluded trail on the outskirts of Granite Falls. Was not able to "check in " online with this app. Rocky in some areas with lifted roots on trail. Many fun bridges and trees to cross under and over. Definitely worth the 7 miles.

The trail was a nice balance of easy going, level ground to some moderately steep hills and rocks. Took the dogs with and they loved it, they did great on the trail as well, wasn't difficult for them one bit. We enjoyed lunch on a big rock overlooking the lake at the end of our journey, and it was beautiful. Not a lot of traffic on the way up or down either. Pretty much had it to ourselves which is always nice. Only took us about 2-3 hours round trip, including lunch and stopping to sight see. Definitely one of my favorite day hikes. Perfect for a peaceful walk in nature.

12 days ago

What a wonderful hike, the trail is so easy to follow now, very well marked. The log crossing was easy as well, and there are a few spots where you can cross to the other side without having to cross the log, and not get your feet wet. My friends and I were out there very early and had the whole trail to ourselves. The trail is very nicely maintained, there is only one small section on the other side of the river and back on the main trail where it's a short stretch of rocks. The leaves are starting to turn. It was nice to see some of the old buildings still standing. Great place for camping too. No bugs, No bees.

very easy hike for kids.

it was awesome

13 days ago

Nice trail today but quite a few people on the trail. There were a few that wanted to cut the switch backs. As I had my dog, jumping over all the trees was quite a chore and like others said you can only go so far. Might have gone to the tunnels but with a large dog it was getting kind of difficult for him. Other than that it was a quick hike and the water was beautiful.

Great hike and challenging enough to prepare for mountain climbing expeditions. Amazing views from the Meadows and from the peak

Super hard because it rained all the way up but was worth the hike. Next time I'll go up when it's clear sunny weather =)

17 days ago

Everything was so green and mossy. Nice mixture of grassy meadows, mushrooms, waterfalls, big trees, and small lakes.

Great trail with a little bit of everything, rocks, roots, boardwalks and a big payoff at the end with the upper and lower lakes. Not too difficult and very peaceful, we ran into only 2 other small groups on this trail on Labor Day but on our drive out saw that the Lake 22 trailhead was overflowing - miserable. If you like a little elbow room on your hikes and clear reflective lakes, throw your car in 4WD and go hike this trail!

18 days ago

Did this hike today with my wife. Kicked her butt but I really enjoyed it.