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Nice hike.

18 days ago

18 days ago

This was a super fun and super easy walk through the rain forest. There are post along the way to educate about the foliage which was a nice touch. Bring a lunch and picnic along the Hoh River, there are lots of great spots to post up and enjoy a beautiful day and the babbling river.

on Hoh River Trail

24 days ago

I had a wonderful time on this trail! It is very well maintained for the most part. There is a washout about 14 miles up the trail where you have to use a cable ladder to go down a ravine, it's a scramble up to the other side. Luckily I met a hiker coming down the trail who gave directions to go left up the other side of the ravine because there is no marking as to where to go. The views of Blue Glacier at the end of the trail were absolutely amazing and worth every minute of the trip up! I will definitely be going again to summit West Peak of Mt Olympus.

24 days ago

The trail was easy with huge trees and next to a nice river. A few miles up there is a nice waterfall to view.

Short but pretty!

Only went about 4 miles in, but the river and the scenery are great. The water of the river is a gorgeous blue, and we found a giant 4-leaf clover by the trail.

Very short and very beautiful

1 month ago

We did the trail out to 5 Mile Island, out and back. It's a beautiful trail and not too busy in the middle of the week. The forest changed as we got further out from the start. Too many wonderful images to list.

1 month ago

Awesome. Highly recommend three days for backpacking to not rush through the experience. We did it in two

Magical is the only word to describe this trail!! Loved it!!

Beautiful! The dogs had an easy time of it as well.

scenic driving
1 month ago

Went camping from SEA>101 W to Fort Flagler state park >101 W and S to Hoh Rainforest>back up 101 N to Second Beach, then back up 101 N and E to SEA via ferry.

If you wanted to adventure I recommend this itinerary. Coming back 101 N and E I saw the sun rising behind the Olympics. No other cars. Really beautiful and breathtaking. I think going E offers better views in general and of the mountain landscape, for example at Lake Crecent.

You also see signs for Kitchen-Dick Rd near Port Angeles if you're going through, which is funny.

1 month ago

Amazing. Did in March. Didn't see a park ranger, saw some fellow backpackers and some day hikers. Needed a wilderness permit from visitors center to hang on my backpack.

Trail is easy to follow, didn't need map or compass. Nice peeks of Olympic peak here and there. Beautiful wide braided turquoise river. Super beautiful. Flat at most times but sometimes hilly. Wide and tall trees. Lots of moss. Some of the campsites that are clearly marked on the trail have bear wire.

Never seen so much moss on trees

Views are incredible but I drove up

Love this hike to a unique waterfall! One of the best, shorter hikes to do in Olympic!

Enjoyable, easy walk through a rainforest.