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It's super pretty and isn't too difficult for you or your pet there's all sorts of paths you can take to complete the hike my husband and I had a great time and I'm pretty sure my dog did too

26 days ago

This was just perfect for me and my 2 dogs.. water, view, and exercise..

Beautiful hike! Scenic views and fairly flat easy hiking!

The park offers different trails from easy on the paved loop trail to moderate when taking the spur trails along the lower perimeter trails nest to the water. All the trails have wonderful views of the San Juan Islands and beyond.

Nice loop hike with constant views of the water. Suitable for kids that behave. Be prepared for lots of fellow hikers.

road biking
2 months ago

I an my wife biked on this several times and we loved it. It is just a short trail but nice and flat.

3 months ago

We enjoyed the well labeled, well maintained trails. Recent fire blocked off the opportunity to do a nice loop hike as planned. Very family friendly. However, if you are looking for a wilderness type of experience, this is not it. More like a Seattle Metro Park.

A local favorite. Be advised that as of late august the east side of the lake is indefinitely closed due to a forest fire.

Can we just address the elephant in the room?? THERE IS NO LIGHTHOUSE. For some reason the people we were hiking with told us there was... We got lost and did the same circle twice and when we finally got there what was waiting for us... A three foot pole with a green reflector on it on an island a few feet away. It was super anti climactic and felt like our party just decided to meander through the woods for a few hours. The trail itself was really pretty if you're cool with there being no satisfying view, waterfall or um... Lighthouse at the end. But I wouldn't call this a hike for stated reason and Id do it again only as something to do while camping. Gorgeous area though

first hike in Washington. it was really awesome. trails were clearly marked and over all a really nice hike.

Nice easy hike around the point. There are several trails that shoot off from the main trail but it is easy enough to navigate as you can always see the water. A previous review indicated it was not a loop. This is incorrect, the walk is in fact a loop.

We walked from the Bowman parking lot to Rosario Beach for the tide pools-- WOW! The hike was mostly flat and smooth-- some great views and beautiful madrona trees. There's a rope that guides you through the tide pools to minimize foot trafftic through a delicate ecosystem. We saw all manner of sea vegetables and lots of urchins, tiny crabs, etc. The tide was coming in, so we didn't stay as long as we might have liked-- check the tide schedule online to plan your trip. What a treat for landlubbers like me!

this is also known as mount Eric

Lottie's loop w the kids. Awesome beach spots for picnics!

Well - first of all get a trail map or at least take a picture of map at trail head. There are many alternate trails throughout connecting to different longer routes and final destinations. I believe I did a portion of trail from this sites map - maybe slightly shorter. I did get to Sugarloaf Mountain top for the scenic views, which were lovely. The beginning of hike is kind of steep, but overall moderate. I'd say it is worth checking out as well as the other trails. Look at your map ahead of time a plan out where you want to go