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trail locations for District of Columbia

Nice trail- muddy when wet- gets crowded- good for a dog off leash when it's not crowded

Really muddy. Good for dogs off leash

Beautiful- especially during the Lotus Festival

Easy and beautiful walk

29 days ago

Everyone loves rock creek because it is in DC and easy to get to. However, the trails are nothing special. For a park visited by so many people, the trail markers are poorly done. It is very easy to get confused.

Fall and winter, once the tourists are gone, the mall is a great place for dog walking.

So much to see and do...from Dumbarton Oaks to Washington Harbour, Georgetown University to Rock Creek Park, Key Bridge, views by the Potomac, the C & O Canal, M Street, Wisconsin Avenue and all points in between. While living in the area, we spent many beautiful weekend days/evenings walking, exploring and returning to our favorite spots!

A big part of this trail is under construction/reclamation as of Sept 3. Once you cross Reservoir Rd and head toward the Potomac, it has a poorly marked detour to 44th street. It effectively ends so don't be surprised when your planned outing gets cut short. No details provided when this will be back to normal.

A bit industrial for a trail - you're walking along/on a large cement pipe a lot of the way. Still, very well shaded and a nice easy way into the trees in the city.

1 month ago

A shady walk through the woods, often along the creek. It crosses some roads, which can have traffic congestion during rush hours.

great walk to look at all the monuments of DC!

Love this trail from Potomac yard to Buzz cafe in Alexandria. Can't get a better Saturday morning!