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trail locations for Virginia

DO NOT GO UNLESS YOU HAVE 4WD because me and my friend tried to it was beautiful (the pictures anyways) and we were so excited but her car would not have made it a quarter of a mile BEFORE the trail head some cars were parked along the road but before the trail head is a no parking zone so we did not get to see the Devils bathtub

7 hours ago

For a really local hike, its great! The Holmes Run part is very average. Paved bike path, views of the stream but somewhat dirty. Passing under 395 is a little creepy as some folks were hanging around the long underpass during the day when i went. Once you hit the Dora Kelly Nature Preserve, it is decidedly moderate! If you stay on the hiking trail there is quite a bit of hill climbing and some switchbacks. The trail pops out of the forest and then joins back up with the bike trail that climbs even more. It's quite lovely. Made the slightly icky Holmes run section very worth it!

Absolutely beautiful! After I parked, I started my walk to the trail. I saw quite a few "no trespassing" signs on either side of the road, which made me nervous, but I continued on straight and I found the trail. The trail is public, and marked with blue lines on the trees so you know you're still on the right track.
There was 1 other person on the trail by the "pools". After chatting with her, I found out she lives there. She was impressed I found it, but the directions were spot on!

off road driving
1 day ago

It was nice for the first time off-road had lots of fun

The Castle Gorge Trail/Loop was excellent!:)…10.8 miles……..I parked at the Gorge and went counter-clockwise, going up the steep accent first while my legs where fresh and that’s the best way to do it as most of the second half of the trail was going down. I took my time and stopped to eat and enjoy, it took me 9H15M, very nice and beautiful…….I will return and do it again and take even longer to enjoy the endless streams and water-falls. I did see bear poop, so beware and keep your eyes open.

Really awesome hike! The boulders were so fun to climb over. Going back in the fall when the leaves change, the view from the top is perfect. Going to leave our dog home next time!

Such an amazing trail. Super easy to hike and views are just

Hiked this today and it was cloudy and cool! Great hike, though it is a bit rocky! I had never hiked before and this was definitely a good start! Would recommend following the trail marks from Shenandoah, this park map isn't accurate. Also parking was a little confusing, it is in front of a chained-off private property. Overall loved it, definitely will go back.

2 days ago

I am 67 my wife is 68.It took us just short of 4 hours to get to the top.Was strenuous for us but well worth it.Amazing experience! Took fire road down in just over 2 hours. Glad we did it.


Hard trail for a beginner, but so rewarding to reach the top and see those views!!

trail running
2 days ago

Perfect for a quick ride to lunch at Carlisle Grill in Shirlington

Very well built and maintained set of trails for all levels of mountain biking as well as hiking and camping. A hidden gem way to go!

I took the kids up Piedmont (which was the best view all day), up Ambassador Whitehouse to the AT then down the North Ridge trail. It was a great hike and the kids really enjoyed it. We'd definitely go back.

I always filter my trails by those that are dog friendly. This trail is listed as dog friendly, and it is not. Dogs aren't allowed on most of the trail, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Such an amazing trail. Super easy to hike and views are just