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This trail is lovely, easy and suitable for most ages and fitness levels. The views are great at the top and in the warmer seasons a great place to catch a sunset. You can see Monadnock if you're standing where the old cabin used to be. I did see that several people thought the views weren't that great. I completely disagree and I recommend walking around the rocky areas at the top for some less obstructed views. A little exploring goes a long way!This is a place where the Leave No Trace principle is sometimes ignored. Lots of carins in one spot along the trail and on our most recent hike we saw an "art installation" that an artist hung from a tree. This can be harmful to wildlife and it takes away from the being in nature experience for many. I'm all for expression through art, but please leave your "stamp" out of Mother Nature and let her show you her artistry.

We've hiked this trail in both winter and summer. In winter it was pretty icy which added to the challenge and the fun but we both slipped on our bums once so snowshoes and/or ski poles aren't a bad idea. The old abandoned ski buildings and lifts are really cool and make this relatively easy hike unique, offering a chance to walk though modern ruins. In the late summer we climbed the tower and watched the sun set...which I strongly suggest! From the tower the 360 views are great and photo-worthy. Bring headlamps if you're thinking of a sunset hike, they will be quite useful on the way down.

I've hiked this trail more times than I can count and it never gets old!! The first two miles are flat, easy and beautiful with the West River at your left keeping you company. There are so many cool geological formations and glacial deposits to marvel at!! Take the Hamilton Falls trail on the right which is about a mile upwards. This is a steady climb and can be rocky and rooty, so watch your footing. If you're here in the Spring, be cautious of the little orange salamanders on the trail. Hiking on weekdays here is nice, way less people. You will see a sign stating more than 10 people have died in the falls, it's more like 14 or 15 now, including a young man who died late this summer. Take this seriously. Respect nature and stay out of the upper pools and don't climb up the falls...I've seen people slip and have close calls. Enjoy the beauty around you...it is so abundant!!

Hiked this a couple weeks ago with my mother. Foliage was at peak and absolutely beautiful! The view was literally breathtaking.

2 days ago

Beautiful hike!!

Absolutely amazing in the Fall. Pretty Moderate climb with a steady incline that eventually lead to some light rock scrambling near the top. the veiw from the hump itself is awesome, but the wind is very strong.

4 days ago

Beautiful trail with great views. Well marked. Plenty of fun and water for dogs . Took us about 90 min to do the whole trail .

4 days ago

Had an awesome day here, was here from noon till well after sunset, plenty of caves, rocks, cliffs, and other areas to explore

First ten minutes is kind of a boring access path behind people's properties. Then the trail gets narrow, crosses a sweet bridge and begins to make some good gains up hill. Beautiful water feature with a flowing brook that comes and goes throughout the hike. Awesome leaf peeping hike. Afternoon or morning adventure. View facing West. Could be a great running trail. Light tread. We did it hungover, so, I'd say it's on the easier side!

Definitely an easy/moderate trail. Can be more strenuous depending on which side paths you take. Very lovely and tranquil in fall.

6 days ago

a bit more challenging than I thought it'd be, but totally worth it.

great hike

6 days ago

Ohhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyy God is really all I can say ------ a real butt kicker....I made it to the Summit simply because I was stubborn enough to keep going. I definitely feel my age on this one.....worth it when you climb the scenic tower yet I WILL NEVER WANT TO DO IT AGAIN>>>>>

We hiked the Aunt Jenny trail to Rattlesnake Cliff, view was amazing, we timed the foliage perfectly. Well worth the trip

Fun hike, loved it!!!!!!!