trail locations for Tooele, Utah
1 month ago

This hike starts at the end of South Willow Canyon Rd. When I did this hike, I started up Deseret Peak Trail. When the trail split, I stayed to the right. When it split again, I stayed right. The third split I went left and ended up at South Willow Lake. Approximately 3.5 miles one way. I would say the difficulty is moderate. Camped at South Willow Lake. Very beautiful.

1 month ago

fun area with lots to explore. any direction you go in you find mines, just follow the water. I think most of these pictures were taken on the back side of the canyon. The cows have made it hard to distinguish what is a trail and what isn't. just follow the atv trail till (past the 2 valve wheels sticking out of the ground) to the mine. from these head south east through the basin. just follow all the trees with initials carved in them. They will take you to a saddle where it the trail will fork. From there you can see Eagle Mountain. You can hit some small peaks to the east or go down to the valley below or hit the high peaks to the west. In 1 afternoon we went by 7 mines, 1 mine cart and I believe their are more. Good luck and have fun. Also just passed the turn around ( where their is a trail to hike if you don't want to use the same trail as the atv's) just before the atv trail really gets rough the is a path outlined with rock to you left. If you take that, it will lead to the top where middle, becomes Butterfield. Their is a step 10ish climb that someone has put ropes for you to use. after that is a pretty light hike. you pass the trucks that rolled down the canyon or what ever but that's about it beside a nice scenery. I'm not much for writing and grammar, sorry but I hope this helps.

Don't know if we where in the right canyon, didn't see any signs. Saw a lot of ATV and cows.

I don't know if we where in the right canyon, we didn't see any signs.

Great for a simple camping for families. Very pretty! Got woken up by a herd of cows in the morning.

This is a cool trail with some neat views. I didn't go the whole 9 miles because I didn't bring enough water and in August it was pretty hot and unshaded (so bring water and a hat!!) I didn't see another person on the trail the whole morning!


off road driving
8 months ago

This is a close trail to get away or test some of your vehicles capabilities. It I'd also a great way to show off one of our state's economic industries. Trails rate from easy to medium.

Its a nice hike. Plenty of shade, it gets open and rocky in the end. Lake is beautiful but we expected more.

Nice trail steep at first.

scenic driving
2 years ago

Its a pretty drive I take often since I don't like to fight traffic and its close to home. I have always liked this local canyon, some are too scared to drive over it because of the sheer drop off and small road. There are some geocaches up her too.

off road driving
2 years ago

This is a pretty drive. A bit scary, just because of how high it is and the dropoff. But once you get up there and look at the biggest open mine pit, it is truly amazing, you can see the salt lake valley, its beautiful.

off road driving
3 years ago

Came from Herriman up Butterfield canyon went to the mine overlook and came back down Middle Canyon. This was oct 18 and was at dusk so we had alright lighting and was a pretty drive, but after a few snow covered switchbacks (requiring zero skill and offering no challenge) we hit pavement after a mile. We turned around and went home thru Butterfield.
Not impressed and wouldn't recommend. Even the mine overlook was fairly disappointing.
Going to the top of Farmington canyon required more effort and the benefit far surpassed the views on this trail, an the views of the Great Salt lake far surpassed the view of the south part of the salt lake valley and tooele valley... If you could see past the smog. We won't be going back.

The trail marker on all trails is on the wrong peak. Go to the Tooele county site for better directions.

4wd is not required, at least not in late July. It's a gravel ROAD. So if you're expecting some off-roading you'll be disappointed. But it has nice views.

off road driving
5 years ago

This Short off road trail takes you into the Oquirrh Mountains, and is a nice autumn drive. From the overlook, you can see most of the Utah Valley, including the Kennecott Mine. Four wheel drive required.