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trail locations for Sandy, Utah

Very steep but very gorgeous!

This is a very easy trail in Sandy off the Sego Lily trail system. It's wood chipped the whole way. There are several signs explaining the vegetation and history if the area. It would be great to teach children about plants, animals, and native American history in this spot. If you use Apple Maps, it stops you in an area where you can't access the trail. There is a short little stump of Flanders Road at the trailhead. You can park on the east side.

Beautiful the whole way up, hard hike, but totally worth it!

Great Hike challenging , fall colors were gorgeous and weather was beautiful, rated as one of my favorites now. I highly recommend it.

This is such a good quick hike to the reservoir! I love catching the sunset up here overlooking the valley

A nice varied hike. Starts steep, levels for a while, then climbs hard near the end. There is no well defined trail near the falls which was both fun and terrifying. Nice and cool since it's near the river.

Difficult but amazing!

Hiked this yesterday. Round trip it took me approx. 3 hours moving time. I enjoyed it very much. Perfect trail conditions. It gets steeper and steeper the closer you get to the top but it's not too steep:) Around 5 pm when I was heading down there were a ton of people on their way up to camp for the night. I highly recommend this hike:)

Enjoyed this one a lot! It was pretty strenuous the second half. My step tracker recorded 9.6 miles round trip. It took about 4 hours out and back for my sister and I. This is definitely the perfect time to tackle this hike. Bring a jacket and plenty of water!

I hiked this with my 2 year old and 3 year old. They loved playing in the water. It took us less than 10 minutes to get to the waterfall.

One of my favorite easy trails! They finally allowed dogs on it this year and now they're banned again so we're pretty sad!

I really like this trail. The very beginning is steep, but once you get past that first little bit the trail isnt too bad. It is narrow, but fairly easy (my 3 elementary age kids could easily hike this one). The bridge at the end is fun and the views are pretty. I went in the morning. If you go when the sun is high it will be hot.

12 days ago

The hike is 11 miles (round trip) per my Garmin Fenix 3 GPS watch (5.5 miles one way). The advertised mileage on all trails of 9.9 is likely not correct.