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Hanksville, Utah Map

This place rules. Lot's of people, but the hike was impressive. BRING WATER!!

Can't wait to go back

I went there with a small group the beginning first September. We drove south from Capitol Reef NP. We had a 4runner, but road could have easily been done with something smaller. Bumpy, but otherwise drivable. The last .5 miles to the TH got a little crazy. If you have a smaller car, you may have to walk that. Back country permits were required but free at the visitor's center.
They will give you a topo map of the trail. If you're good at reading maps, it is a valuable reference for where you are because once we dropped into the canyon we had no service and no GPS.
The creek was completely dry for the first 5 or 6 miles. If you're going late summer, make sure you bring plenty of water. It is really hot and dry.
At about 6-mile we stated seeing small puddles of water pop up. The water pump came in really handy at this point.
We followed the creek bed going in. It probably made the hike longer, but it was easier to navigate. There are tons of trails winding down the canyon so if you decide to stick to the trail, don't be discouraged if you lose it. You'll find another one.
There are no signs marking the trial down there. You pretty much follow the canyon the whole way.
We camped just before the slots the first night. We decided to leave our camp set up the next day and just hike the slots with day packs. This worked pretty well and made we it back to camp just before sunset.
We started seeing more water in the slots. Bring your water shoes because you will get wet. There was only one point that the water was deep enough to have to swim through. The rest of the creek wasn't any higher than the calf.
Once you leave the slots on the south side, the trail cuts back north across the desert. This trail may be easy to miss at first but as long as you're moving in the right direction, you'll find it. Use the canyon walls as reference.
It is a really fun hike. I would recommend going earlier in the year if you want to find more water and cooler temperatures. We only saw one other group while we were down there.
TBH, I've been through better slot canyons, but it was awesome overall.

We made it quite a ways up Little Wildhorse, but had to turn back - water was about 3+ feet deep, and impossible to get around. Too cold to swim through. Amazing slot though... Incredible.

off road driving
3 months ago

Great views, lots of people. Water has changed some features recently and we had to detour around a pool of water.

4 months ago

hike about 1.5 miles in the wash, then the canyon begins to narrow. there are several relatively easy obstacles. we got to the first major choke stone at about 4.5 miles. there was a good sized and very cold pool in front of the obstacle and since we were close to the turn around time, we decided that discretion was the better part of Valor

4 months ago

4 months ago

Motorcycled from Hans Flat Ranger Station many years ago and then hiked the overlook trail at the end. The overlook is amazing and I have wanted to go back and hike down into the maze

The Alltrails description of this hike is from the Highway 24 trailhead but the map is from the Gifford House end. We hiked in from the Highway 24 end of the Cohad Trail switched to the Frying Pan Trail and then to the Cassidy Arch Trail to Casidy Arch. A truly great and strenuous hike (lots of up and down) but not difficult nor edgy. The way we did it it encompassed about 8.5 miles and about 5 hours. The Arch is impressive and the only one we've found in southeast Utah that is easily walked across on top given its massive width.

If you're connecting to Elephant Hill Path, make sure your are on the lookout for the cairns! We got lost for a while before realizing we had to take a sharp right turn to go up and over the canyon

5 months ago

Did this hike as a short backpacking trip. However, Definitely can be done as a long day hike. I really enjoyed hiking along the ridgeline. Fairly quiet trail. Only saw a handful of people along the way.

6 months ago

We combined this with the Burr Trail. Decent escape to the back country, some nice scenery. Easy drive, could get tougher after rain, worth a half day if you have the extra time

Did not finish this, but what we did see was very fun, we got here later than I wanted to the temp was already in the 90's, the heat just wore us down, so we decided to turn back before we were committed, would love to try again someday