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It's so beautiful here, we entered through the crack and climbed out of the VERY STEEP part towards the end, Somebody left some rope there and it was still in good shape a month ago, but there is no way of knowing until you climb up it, wether or not it's starting to fray... Other then that, we saw deer, arches, and everything beautiful Utah has to offer :)

28 days ago

This is actually a long hike, but the view was really lovely!

Awesome reward at the completion of a sometimes technically difficult drive

very fun. however do not take dogs. took my dog here about 6 years ago. bad idea. lifting her around the obstacles was very hard. she did not enjoy it. also avoid this place during stormy weather. I was there on a clear day. but if your in there when a flashflood is coming you will die. so think ahead

1 month ago

went in for 3 nights. originally planned to go the whole way. but after we only made it 4 miles the first day because of starting too late in the day. we decided to make a base camp and do day hikes. the hike in is pretty tough. no clear trail and constantly crossing the stream. bring a GPS with maps for the area. the first 5 miles aren't bad but after that the plants are very thick and funding a way through takes a long time. or you get lots of cuts. walking in water would be easier but water is cold in the spring and fall. also lots of quicksand. nothing too dangerous.

1 month ago

fun place to eat lunch and do a short hike. spend 20 minutes. also fun place to take kids. I loved it there when I was younger.

I went with a group of friends and ended up hiking Peek-a-Boo and Spooky Gulches -- fun, but challenging! There was quite a bit of standing water, mud puddles to be exact, in Peek-a-Boo and by the time we were done we were muddy messes. I can't imagine doing this alone because we had to help each other get over some of the walls. Spooky had some tight places and only one challenging spot were a climbing technique was needed in order to get over a drop that was about 5 feet. Oh yeah, rope helps!! Overall this was a great hike and yes I would gladly do it again!

2 months ago

Great trail AMAZING scenery don't miss this one if you ever get the chance so many diff landscapes all in one amazing little place truly unforgettable

Went last week right after a big rain.
Spooky was dry but ended up waist high in spots in Peek-a-Boo. I lost my camera I think in a water puddle, so if you happen to find it please let me know. It's water proof. Had a great time. We ran into a tarantula in Spooky which made it even better!

The best and *most accurate* description of these canyons, with waypoints and topo map reference, can be found at http://climb-utah.com/escalante/dryfork.htm. We followed that info last weekend and had no problem finding our way - our experience was exactly as described there.

2 months ago

Be sure to carry water shoes/sandals so you can explore the bottom a bit more easily than I did! An absolutely breathtaking experience. Would go again in a heartbeat.

Bring a 4x4 because we got a flat on the way. The slot canyons are fun to adventure through. Make sure you have this app bc it's pretty hard to find the trails without it

3 months ago

Did both of these,not bad,the hike in was a little excessive for the length of slots. It was nice though

I have taken my kids on many hikes. This is the one they still remember and talk about all the time. I took my dog as well. I don't recommend taking dogs. Too much climbing and scrambling.

Trail it's self is only .25 mile or so, you can drive the first .4 of a mile. you basically walk around some cool rock structures, you can go any direction you want really, pretty easy stuff

FUN, FUN!This is my kids favorite hike definitely in my top 5. challenging from start to finish, getting into Peek-a-boo is no easy task, couldn't imagine doing it alone, very hard to crawl up with all the loose sand, Next big challenge is climbing down into Spooky need a little chimney climbing technique , or take a leap of faith a few feet down, probably should be in at least a little bit of shape to do these, I am far from super fit, but you do need to use a few muscles!

This was fun to hike through the narrows. The hardest part is the walk to the narrows opening and the drive there. Travel there is 22 miles on dirt road. This same dirt road will take you to Hole-in-the-rock.

The drive to the trail head is more difficult than the hike. We hiked this with 40 youth and they swam in Lake Powell. Plan for all day to travel and hike. Hike was 2 hours round trip. Travel is about 5 hours on dirt road. If you take an ATV it would be faster.