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trail locations for Blanding, Utah
7 days ago

Challenging hike, with spectacular scenery! Very interesting canyon to explore. The last 2 miles out the hike becomes an adrenaline rush as you hike above the canyon floor, traversing the rocks,

One of my favorite trails on earth. Start from Elephant Canyon parking lot. Get there early so you can park! This trail is around 11 miles round trip and the terrain is pretty rugged at times. You will feel it when you are done, but the variety of desert landscapes you experience are well worth the pain. The open panoramas of Chesler, the mushroom rock formations in Elephant Canyon, the dark narrow path within the joint trail, the ascent into Chesler and all those colorful needles against the bright blue sky make this trail a must see.

We extended this loop to include the Owachomo Bridge. Known as The Loop this about 9 mile loop that takes one under all three bridges is spectacular. We started at Owachomo overlook parking area and hiked the loop counterclockwise. The hike across the upper section is quick and flat. The hike down into the canyon at Sipapu and along the valley floor is harder but not strenuous. The valley trail is marked "not maintained" but it is well marked and only suffers from overgrowth in many areas. About 5 hours in all.

29 days ago

I did this trail on a clear beautiful Sunday. The panoramas were spectacular. A nice mix of trails across open prairie, slickrock, a well placed and sturdy ladder,sandy canyon riverbed and shady forest in the back canyons. Some scrambling involved but not difficult. The trail was very easy to follow. Highly recommended to experience the beauty of Canyonlands NP Needles district.

Gorgeous! Amazing to be going in and out of the canyons. It's like nothing I've ever seen before. It's truly alien landscape. Be careful because it's easy to lose the cairns! Make sure you know where the next one is before you head off.

Take plenty of water we did the 5.9 hike which was two of the bridges down to one and up after the other then walk back to car across the Mesa views spectacular red sand in bottom of canyon hiking boots and walking sticks helped

1 month ago

Hard hike, but worth it

Would not do unless it's just rained in the last few days, we did in the summer time, no water in the pot holes, kinda boring, especially if your here for pictures. It is Easy if you do it!

The easiest of all 3 Bridges, Trail is over dirt & slick rock. In sun all day, no shade at all other than near the bridge, can get very hot!

(*This trail is actually marked to short on this map, the bridge is twice as far as shown on here, so don't believe the distance or the elevation #'s You have to hike down to where the trail crosses the streams, that's where the Bridge is). Another cool trail, very steep, In the sun all day, gets VERY hot, also has a ladder or two, stairs, not for the out of shapers!

I highly enjoyed this trail, It's got everything, stairs, ladders, slick rock, water! Steep but fun! Most challenging Bridge trail there

4 months ago

Excellent canyon hike that you can make as long as 8 miles if you go to the end. Most people turn around at the first of 8 ruins, the famous "House on Fire" all the ruins in this canyon were left from the Anasazi Indians. For a full review check out my blog post: http://www.mylifestyletoyours.com/05/2016/hiking-mule-canyon/


4 months ago

This was a nice trail, great views, takes you through some diverse areas (both rocky and treed). An interesting park for sure. It is relatively flat and felt long distance-wise, but is an enjoyable stroll. Pack lots of water!!! We almost died carrying in SO much water to the park (our packs were probably about 65lbs, and I'm 120), but we were so happy to have it, even in April. You'll go through a ton.

4 months ago

This was probably my least favourite hike in Canyonlands. The majority of the hike takes place on dry river bed, which just kind of lacked interest/dimension for me. There are great views of the different formations though. Also, if you get to a point that you're not sure where you can go from there, LOOK UP! We were so confused as to where the trail had gone, then realized we were already beneath the arch. Novices... haha.
We did this hike in April but with a lack of coverage I think it would get absolutely scorching in later months.

5 months ago

The beginning and end are great! The middle is constant walking in loose sand of the dried up riverbed. I didn't like that part at all. It might have not been that bad if it weren't anextremely hot day haha. Just bring lots of water.

Easy, short trail as advertised. NPS has actually converted this into a loop. You will climb up the potholes to great views of Needles along with the surrounding bluffs, mesas, buttes, and spires. I encourage you to explore once at the height of the boulder. You can get great shots of the Needles. Telephoto and wide angle lenses recommended if you're taking your DSLR.

Good trail. Exactly what it's supposed to be.

5 months ago

Trail was great. Easy to navigate and well-defined by cairns. No pets due to two ladders leading you to the top of the boulders. Once you're on top, take some time. The navigable portion of the rock is expansive and you can easily climb to the red rocks portion to get great views of the Needles. I'm not sure why people are rating this trail so poorly. This is a 5 star trail if your expectations are for a short mileage, easy trail. The climb is rewarding and it's meant for a leisurely pace. Take half an hour and do this hike. Take your DSLR, your wide angle lens, and your max power lens. The views are stunning, especially at sunrise/sunset.

If you want a harder, longer trail, go find one.

5 months ago

Sweet. Fun/easy hike that avoids the crowds.

This is the South Mule Canyon Trail. The North Trail is from the Bridge a half mile up Texas Flat road. It is spectacular and not as many people. There is a lot of Wow factor