trail locations for American Fork, Utah
4 days ago

Beautiful Canyon. I snowshoed this trail until just below Silver Glance Lake and the snow became almost waist deep. The area with all of the snow and mountain view was awesome

This was a great hike and a good workout! Consistent climb all the way to the top, a bit rocky with a little creek along the trail. Great scenery of the fall colors on the trees. Silver Lake is undergoing some construction as well as Tibble Fork.

If you are a human that enjoys trudging through horse manure, you may enjoy this one. I personally believe this trail should be renamed to "Horse Shit Highway". Seriously good views to be had, but just drive up to the silver lake trailhead instead.

23 days ago

Beautiful views, we went around 3pm and comeback around 6.30pm with 2 kids 12 and 9; The clouds trick us. So we comeback quickly and when we arrived at the gate was sunny again. Next time we will go early to expend more time at the lake.

24 days ago

1 month ago

Loved everything about this trail!

This was a fun hike! It was definitely rocky, and was a steady incline. I would say young kids and people with knee or ankle problems might have a harder time! The lake was beautiful, but freezing! My 8 yr old did great.. It took us about 3 hours total with all the stops along the way, and playing in the lake..

DRY CREEK TRAIL - I've only hiked this half of the trail. Some day I will hike the Deer Creek side and post another review about that half of the trail. The trailhead starts in Alpine. It's about 5.1 miles to the ridge and a little over 3900 feet elevation gain. I would rate this as a moderate trail. The views are amazing! To the west you can see Alpine, Traverse Mountain and even Herriman. From the ridge looking east you can see Tibblefork Reservoir. When I hiked up, I "ridge hiked" to the north. This climb is a lot steeper but worth the views. If you go far enough north you can look down at Silver Lake Flat and Silver Lake.

3 months ago

Loved this hike!! Took my 7 yr. old and 11 month old and they both had a great time. The lake is gorgeous it's so peaceful and quiet up there. I'd recommend this one for anyone!

This trail is nice and green at the bottom and open at the top. The trail does have a lot of rocks to go over towards the top. We aren't talking rock climbing but a little kid or person with limited mobility might not make it up. The lake is beautiful but freezing. My dogs ran off leash the whole time and had a blast. It was pretty busy on a Saturday and the parking wasn't great. Make sure you take a car that can get up a bumpy dirt road.