2 days ago

Could use some trail marking. Some of the trails were washed away or brush is to high.
I would say it is more suitable as MBT over hiking

Has potential to be a good trail but the mosquitos were RELENTLESS and the cockleburs were too numerous for our dog to ignore. Had to carry her for a while to get through a certain section that was unbelievably bad. I pulled 84 out of my shoes! I might try this trail one more time in the dead of winter when we've had a freeze and I know both bugs and burs are dead.

Wanted to let those who are looking for this trail know that it is located within Friedrich Park. Really nice area for hiking and/or trail running. Several different trails with various lengths, terrain and difficulty.

One of my favorite trails. Flat area with some rocky hills to climb. I can do an "easy" 4 miles if I add Juniper Barrens in the mix. Lots of shade.

I love this trail! It was very peaceful. I only ran into two hikers the whole trail.

A nice walk in the hill country

Very cool afternoon walk, be aware not all trails are easy for kids or strollers as some people we saw thought

Easy to walk and great for kids and adults looking to walk in a park. Some trails missing signs good walk overall

16 days ago

Nice, lightly trafficked trail in Govt Canyon. We went on a Monday with our two dogs and only encountered a few mountain bikers. Scenery was great, flowers in bloom and the weather was perfect.


Been coming here since I was a teenager. Good place to visit if you're in the area

It was a great hike for novice hikers. Had a variety of trails from easy to moderate. Various terrain; meadows, small rocks, dirt, big rocks. It was a perfect day weather wise 60-80 degrees. We hiked 10 miles through a combination of trails that took us to the protected habitat area. About 600 ft of elevation variance I think.

mountain biking
27 days ago

Beautiful and safe..

mountain biking
29 days ago

Fun ride but not sure I'd go back considering my other options. No marked off-road trails. My if the trail was over grown. No major elevation changes and lots of rocks. I don't see how you can ride this on a hard tail and have a good time.

1 month ago

Good place to get out of the city, and theres usually not *too* many people to run into!

1 month ago

A bit too much for first hike of season when you fallen out of shape. Not bad scenery wise.

Nice variety of trails and views.