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was fun and easy

Twice my mom and I went out to this trail and twice we have gotten lost making what should have been maybe an hour of hiking a 3 hour hike. We are both Girl Scouts and we both regularly go hiking so it's not like we are unfamiliar with hiking trails. It is just so poorly marked and there are so many smaller trails that take off from this loop that it is easy to get turned around!

Very beautiful!! I went with my mom on this Black Friday and we both appreciated that the trails were so well marked!!

Beautiful Riverwalk!

Love it! One has the choice of paved or off-road at any time along this 14-mike, car-free, family-friendly trail. Bravo, San Antonio!

Had a lot of fun on this trail the off road trail is not marked but it intersects with the hard trail a lot so it's not hard to find! It's pretty technical lots of ups and downs a lot of rocks and roots lots of wildlife just feet away!

The first time we tried Eisenhower Park, we didn't like it as much. We had selected the paved trails instead and didn't find it much of a challenge. The second time we chose Hillview/Ref Oak trails and found it to be an easy to moderate hike about 3 miles total from start to finish. Much better experience and would very likely return again.

Great trail. If you want to get to the top of the cliff where the dinosaur tracks are below, take the overlook trail that branches of the Joe Johnston route. The overlook trail has a beautiful view of the canyons and has some safe areas to sit near the edge of the cliff. Also, if it rained recently, the dinosaur tracks may be underwater and the Joe Johnston route may be impassible unless you want to wade through water. If that's the case, take the overlook trail and you can see the tracks from the cliff's edge and the overlook trail will take you back to the Joe Johnston route on the other side of the flooded area.

really great; love the nature trails! Long distance is available is you want it and never too crowded

Almost all trails were closed.

road biking
21 days ago

Real nice trails, would be nice if dog owners will pick the poop and take it away, some trails really stink!

scenic driving
1 month ago

Beautiful missions. Had the honor to participate in one of the masses on Spanish.

Beautiful and serene garden walk.

Wonderful trail with lots to see and do.

trail is pretty awesome! Watch out for hogs, ran the trail twice and ran into an adult hog on the trail on mile 8. wasn't ready to climb a tree