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trail locations for Houston, Texas

Very Dog friendly, and family oriented environment. Trails add up to about 5 miles.

A hidden oasis in the city

Easy walk, beautiful scenery.

road biking
25 days ago

Very short, can walk whole/all trails within 30 minutes. Saw lots of lizards, squirrels and turtles. Nice get away from hustle and bustle of the city. It's also historical.

Nice open areas to picnic and relax. Very dog friendly.

Directions incorrect; actually park at s briar forest and dairy ash ford

The hood

Directions wrong. Brings you to the hood.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Awesome, highly recommend. Medium paced, moderate terrain and really fun

2 months ago

Perhaps as good as it gets in houston but you can still hear road noise in a lot of the park. Lots of mountain bikes so keep an eye when on foot. Not sure why this is rated moderate- definitely easy.

mountain biking
2 months ago

It was fun and challenging going uphill

Went for hiking in the morning, saw quite a few snakes. It was hot but beautiful. We decided to detour from our map and go through unpaved muddy routes. It was fun 9 miles hike. The trail was filled with bikers. It definitely seemed to be awesome place for biking.

High theft area. 15 minutes after I arrived my vehicle way broke in to. I won't be back.

3 months ago

Great trail for backpacking with pup! Just use the restroom before hiking, and watch out for mud and snakes! I'd definitely do it again!

absolutely love it!!! You see wildlife and my kids love that about this place.

I don't recommend taking a walk here after 7pm. There were A LOT of snakes. Not sure what kind they were, but it was pretty scary walking back to the car... There were lots of bike riders. I would go back for a bike ride, but not interested in going back for a walk as it wasn't the most scenic. If you like walking on a paved sidewalk, it's probably great before the evening so you don't run into snakes.