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trail locations for Fort Worth, Texas

My husband and I wanted to check this place out because we had heard good things about it through their Facebook page. we went and hiked for about two hours. There was a lot of neat wildlife out there, including the Buffalo like they advertise. Unfortunately, for my taste, some of the trails were not maintained enough. There were a few places you would have to walk through tall grass, and considering the proximity to the lake and the fact that we spotted a cottonmouth, it seemed like it would increase your chances of being bit by a snake.

There is a neat little educational center with an owl, hawk, baby alligator, snapping turtle, and a few snakes on display. They also have a neat birdwatching room. Even as an adult, I felt like the center was neat. I would recommend these trails still, but be wary on them because of the snakes and the fact it isn't as maintained as some of the other non-concrete trails in the area.

loved it but at the end it would be nice to be able to swim.

15 days ago

Variety of trails/pathways. They aren't marked but it's a good place to hike around casually and take in the space

I love this trail. Close to home, signage is good, beautiful scenery, and it has easy and moderate terrain.

22 days ago

It's a well kept sidewalk trail great for walking dogs are allowed also on lease, could use some more shady spots during summer, it's a good walking, jogging trail

mountain biking
22 days ago

nice easy paved trail. there is a creek with a waterfall right in the middle of it.

Currently my favorite trail in DFW.

pros: Well groomed, wide trails with shade covering most of the trails. Good views of the lake.

cons: Loud music from people on the lake that could be heard from the whole trail that day.

trail running
26 days ago

Great park to run and take your dogs to! All sidewalk trail! They have water fountains for the dogs and people. If your dogs can swim there's plenty of water for that! Only con is not much shade so if you can stand the heat go for it! I'd recommend it for a later fall run! I appreciated the memorial for all of the armed forces for the people who served from Watauga too!

trail running
26 days ago

I love it. be better when I get the routes down

love trail running here

Good up keep low to moderate traffic

Great place for my 7 year old and I to bike

1 month ago

I came early in the morning to beat the heat. A lot of rocks and dirt paths. Do not come here after it has rained. The trails are not marked too well. A lot of split paths that lead you to a dead end.. at one point I was lead to the back yard of someone's home.

Very nice trail. Clean, calm and peaceful.

It is pretty

Nice trail. Trails are poorly marked, so I wandered for a while. It was beautiful.