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trail locations for Dallas, Texas

This hike is located just north of the border of Dallas Love Field Airport. One should be realistic about the level of "back-to-nature" experience to expect. This is a pleasant little oasis of nature, in the middle of Dallas strip malls, streets, and an airport. The trail is paved, smooth, wide, well-maintained - excellent! This would be a really nice place to bring kids to ride bikes. It has some playgrounds, picnic areas, and rest room facilities.

After my flight down from Idaho, it was very nice to take a stroll around this lake. I was able to see some cute squirrels, some lovely birds, and some nice people having fun on a Sunday afternoon.

It's a concrete trail.

8 days ago

Easy paved trail and an "off-road pathway" that runs alongside of it. Restaurants provide free water to those working out, police on bikes regularly patrol the entire trail, great social atmosphere and plenty of places to visit while on it. It's not for those wanting to get-a-way from the city because it is the epitome of urban life.

9 days ago

Simple paved trail loop with a few choice off-road trails.

trail running
11 days ago

I live in Dallas so I'm one of the many regulars found here everyday. I love the natural beauty of this lake although it is manmade. absolutely stunning views all the way around. It gets very crowded during beautiful weather (cooler temps especially on weekends). A lot of bikers, runners, walkers and people out for strolls. There are water fountains, including ground level for pets, all the way around. One official set of toilets with no stall doors but there are maintained port a potties strategically placed. Do always have a roll of toilet paper with you just in case they run out. There are two playgrounds and numerous cooking spots and benches placed around as well. There is also a popular dog park nestled along the way with water access if you want tour dog to play. Kayaks and paddle boards for rent by the marina for a descent price. The trail doesn't get difficult until about spillway. That is a sight to behold because of all the waterfowl that nests in the area. During summer months you can also see the green parrots. But the spillway area has a pretty steep incline/decline that is forgiving in that they lengthened it for less stress. However, bikers love to speed through this point because of the sharp turn at the bottom. very exhilarating for them so be careful. Most of the trail is in the sun and it can get quite hot even with the constant breeze coming off the lake. Do always wear sunscreen. Parking can be difficult on weekends but DO NOT just park on the side of the road unless the signs say you can. Police heavily patrol and ride bikes because it is part of a more affluent neighborhood and there does tend to be crime reported but the lake, especially the Lawther side is pretty safe even at night. I love this place as it is the best place to 'get away' from the city and still be in the city. I didn't give a 5 rating o my because I come too often to see the problems. oh, and thanks to the Pokemon Go craze, a lot of cars randomly stop in the middle of the road so beware! And bikers tend to ride on the road more than the trail, so stay alert if you're driving the road for the beautiful scenery.

11 days ago

Great well marked trails.

Love it but to many bikers

Beautiful trails, but they need better signage. It's easy to get lost.

25 days ago

Cedar Ridge Preserve (the park this trail is located) is one of the best places to hike, walk, or trail run! They have several trails with varying difficulty levels and distances. The best part about this place is you're not competing with bikers; no wheels (of any kind) allowed on trails.

This particular trail is fantastic! Signage and distance markers are clear. Trail is well maintained and clean. Park has restroom and water facilities. Excellent scenery and views. Had some steep parts, but they were well marked and maintained. Really enjoy hiking this trail with my dogs!! Make sure you take a water bottle, and bug repellant.

Always a lot of people in the weekend. But during the week, it's great.

25 days ago

25 days ago

I think other reviewers have mentioned this, but it is definitely more of a biking trail. Everyone is polite, but make sure you go in the opposite direction. I used to walk my dogs out here; you will need to move out of the way frequently, if you're walking on the weekend. It will be packed.

Pros: lots of variety in difficulty and trail distances. People are very polite and friendly. Very well maintained trails. They have a couple of Porta-potties at the trail start. Picnic tables. Great shade because of all the trees. Convenient location.

Cons: Signage isn't great, distance markers would be helpful. There are Stray dogs, but I know people report these and they are usually picked up Promptly. Parking is tight, and you will likely park on the street if you go on a weekend.

Very good trail if you live in Dallas.

27 days ago

One of the best trails in DFW. Can be difficult at times but it's pretty out there. A few good views and some pleasant creek crossings.
Bring lots of water! It may be mostly shaded but it's a workout hiking. A plus side is no bikes to share the trail with.

This trail was probably one of the better trails for the area and that was totally unexpected. When you pull in, there signs everywhere saying that it's church property and blah blah blah. Just ignore the church bullshit and keep driving because there is a pretty cool trail back there. It does have quite a bit of change of elevation for Texas. Do not expect great changes in elevation but for Texas it's not too bad!

I'm a pretty seasoned trail runner and would rate this one easy to moderate. If you run it hard it's on the high-end of moderate if you just walk it it's pretty easy.

29 days ago

Muy bien!

really good trails. be careful of bikers and it's easy to get lost. The signs are good though.