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trail locations for Dallas, Texas

This trail was probably one of the better trails for the area and that was totally unexpected. When you pull in, there signs everywhere saying that it's church property and blah blah blah. Just ignore the church bullshit and keep driving because there is a pretty cool trail back there. It does have quite a bit of change of elevation for Texas. Do not expect great changes in elevation but for Texas it's not too bad!

I'm a pretty seasoned trail runner and would rate this one easy to moderate. If you run it hard it's on the high-end of moderate if you just walk it it's pretty easy.

5 days ago

Muy bien!

really good trails. be careful of bikers and it's easy to get lost. The signs are good though.

9 days ago

Love this trail for a good brisk walk with lots of shaded areas. Very clean and well maintained cement trail walk.

Crear trail ... I have done it more than 3 times

17 days ago

20 days ago

Very fun trail. Cedar Break trail is one of several trails in the Ceder Ridge Preserve trail set. Once you park, the main walkway in has a map that shows many trails all ranging from easy to hard. One of the trails named the "butterfly trail" may even be good for people with disabilities. Anyway, Cedar Brake trail is awesome and is about 2 miles long (last marker states 1.9 and it's near the exit trail head). However, be prepared from parking lot walking to Cedar Brake, completing Cedar Brake and walking back to the parking lot to be a total of 2.5 miles.

Guys also PLEASE consider donating to this park / trail system. There is a suggested donation of $3, but I'm sure ANY bit helps. Drop a dollar in it if you can't spring $3. Heck drop $.25. Every bit helps. I've seen people there working that system hard providing an awesome trailing experience for everybody. If you can donate more - donate more! :) Think of those who are chopping trees and brush back, mowing certain areas, carrying rocks, gravel, and rebar stakes and boards into that system and making it nice for us. :)

The parking is "texas farm road" type of gravel (white dusty stuff).

One of my favorites. Different types of trails, hills, rivers, lots of bikers, all nice and friendly. Would be helpful with signs to/from entrance, certain trials.

23 days ago

Personal favorite to get away. Great views of the lake and north, towards Dallas. But you can't hear traffic or planes. Try to catch a sunrise or sunset here. Both are great from any place you may be on the trails.

23 days ago

trail running
23 days ago

Walk down in to the parks and the stairs below the trail also. Beautiful scenery and peaceful. Even in the middle of Dallas.

trail running
26 days ago

if they had some signs so I didn't have to use Google maps to get back to my car that would be excellent, otherwise I loved the trail

Nice getaway from the city! Trailheads aren't marked too well, but other than that, nice spot!

tough if you're not in shape

Great trail with something for everyone