trail locations for Burnet, Texas

Great scenery but the trails weren't marked very well

Highly recommend this trail.
Hiking among such beauty is so awesome.

Cavern tour is great walking experience with a wonderful history lesson that was an additional bonus.

3 months ago

Family friendly cavern tour. Took a backpack carrier for my 15 month old. She did great on the 1.5 mile tour.

Lots of trails to do here! Make sure to wear your sunscreen. Not too much shade for most of the trail we went on.

Got lost... but, it was kinda fun!
(Not unsafe lost, a few miles of trail that was not clearly marked, keep looping back. We knew we would eventually pop out near the main parking, so no biggie)

Beautiful moderate difficult trail. Walked the exterior. Most definitely plan to come back

Great trail. Walked the exterior. Moderate difficulty. Definitely not for running or biking. Very rocky and hilly.

Not much of a hiking trail. More like a walking path.

1 year ago

Very fun! Be careful for snakes!

1 year ago

My first trail run.

I went to inks lake state park for a scenic run but there was no way you could run on the green trail. It was a beautiful hike though. I took my yellow lab with me and the trail was very narrow in places. I would have liked some signs along the trails as to where to go. We were able to stay on the main trail for most of it but there are a lot of off shoots and we ended up off the main trail and we're not able to find the area I was looking for which was the pecan flats. All in all I had a great time. The scenery was beautiful.

There's camping here, cabins for rent, as well of tons of people fishing along the lake. Very pretty in spring when the wild flowers are blooming.

We took the Pecan Flats Trail today from the park headquarters. It's a very nice trail. The terrain is on the rocky side and where dirt could be found it was mud, lol. From what we could see on the trail the primitive camping sites along this route are incredibly secluded and peaceful. I'd love to go back and camp there. But you'll see a lot of bluebonnets here! The whole park is great. I can't wait to go back!