So gorgeous!!!

Wanted to let those who are looking for this trail know that it is located within Friedrich Park. Really nice area for hiking and/or trail running. Several different trails with various lengths, terrain and difficulty.


Some of the trail is right off the roadway. takes some of the getaway vibe to it. It'll definitely be a nice run for biking and running though!

on Red Bud Isle Trail

2 days ago

if you're looking to hike or be there longer than 30 minutes don't go here. but for a quick run with the dog it's perfect ! just wish parking didn't have only 20 spots for everyone

2 days ago

Yep. Trail is beautiful. Trail is remote. We almost died on this trail. Rangers suggest taking a gallon per person. That advice is no sh!t. Water water water. Saw a bear. Saw a gigantic snake in the Rio Grande. Experienced hurricane force winds during an epic electrical storm. None of this was enjoyable due to the fact we ran out of water in the first 6 hours of our hike and 2 of our team members had to go get water. They got lost. We thought they were dead. We linked up the next day. Had to go on another water mission. We eventually succeeded but not without drama and issues. On our way out we got caught in a huge storm with winds so strong we couldn't walk DOWN a mountain. Will probably never do it again because of its remote location, but every year we talk about it. Looking for an adventure? This might be the trail for you!

on Juniper Barrens

2 days ago

Love to run this one with the Main loop. A little over 4 miles combined.

One of my favorite trails. Flat area with some rocky hills to climb. I can do an "easy" 4 miles if I add Juniper Barrens in the mix. Lots of shade.

3 days ago

Most of the recordings are wrong. Stillhouse Nature Preserve is on Sterling Dr near Mesa and Spicewood Springs rd.
The trail is paved, with lots of benches, and is a trivial walk. It does have a nice scenic overlook at the end, and I spotted several deer. On the flip side, you can often see apartments from the trail and most of the cedar woods are dead from blight or drought. A very short walk. (edited to reflect that the directions have been updated)

Great trail to walk with a family.

4 days ago

trail running
4 days ago

We love to run these trails! They are tough & technical, but you are rewarded with great views!!!

Very Dog friendly, and family oriented environment. Trails add up to about 5 miles.

Does anyone know what the grave is all about? If so please tell me! Kinda spooky. Figured it's just a pet? Great trail. Nice place to take pops for his bday. Also a huge paw print. Print had to be a joke I posted in photos. Good place to clear your head:)

My son and I did this trail during the week day so we had the trail all to ourselves. We went behind the caves and picked up a trail that took us to the top of the mountain with beautiful views!

We loved this hike. Left at 10:00am and all uphill in the shade, with a very gradual incline. Spectacular views all the way. Bear sightings ended up closing this trail so we felt lucky to complete it. About two hours up and 1 hour down.

My Microsoft band II showed this was @7 miles from the store, not 5.2. We left around 10:00am. It took about 1 hr 15 minutes all downhill. It gets a little tricky/slippery for the last 1/10th of a mile. Trip back up was hard. It was all up and about 90 degrees with little shade. Took about 1&1/2 hrs up. Take lots of water. Saw a tarantula. Got bitten by flies several times. Still itching two days later.

One of our favorites in the area. We always find lots of fossils and see some wildlife, even a pretty big buck last time out. Hiking boots recommended as it can be very rocky at parts.