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trail locations for Austin, Texas

You can't escape the sounds of the city and there is graffiti along the bridge. Not bad just not a place I'll revisit many times despite being close to home.

Nice place to hike. Bring lots of cool water!

Loved it. Varied scenery, moderate shade, great terrain.

My favorite trail in Austin. Loved the drive. Great hills and pretty houses. Trail had stream running beside it most of time. Dogs off leash was great. I ran walked from south to north trail head in hour and 35 min. I hustled. Loved it. Crowded

The wife and I as well as our dogs walked this trail today for the first time. It is extremely well-maintained and very scenic. I couldn't agree more with another reviewer's comment about it being a "Stairmaster". Definitely bring a camelback or some other type of hydration system. Looking forward to trying this trail again when I am in a bit better shape due to all the ups and downs.

Biggest complaint. Too short. Great little hike.

Very nice trail hidden amidst the hills of west Austin. Challenging elevation and great scenery, birds and a couple of rewarding views.

The best trail in the area without doubt!!!

Very secluded island trail. I don't recommend this trail for anyone who doesn't like dogs, it is basically a massive off-leash dog park. The loop is small but great if you just want to get Fido some exercise. There is water access for swimming and my dogs love it here.

Run here a lot with my dog, mix of gravel and cement that juts over the water for great views of the city. Frequent water fountains and dog waste stations.

trail running
10 days ago

Often take a run here with my dog, it's nicely shaded, some up and down. Gravel mostly.

Awesome trail, feel very happy seen from the city hustle and bustle. Our dogs love it, Great swimming holes along the way

Water along the trail is a big plus.

The trail is as described. Do not confuse this trail with the Northern Walnut Creek Trail, which was opened to the public in Feb 2016. That trail is paved and extends from Mopac (as if this writing) to the parking lot at Walnut Creek Park.

trail running
12 days ago

Love the trail. Lots of shade!

Beautiful trail!

If you start at the opposite end of the trail head by the pond, half the trail is really easy, the second half is hard. Really beautiful and lots of small streams to cross. After a good rain their is an awesome natural pool to swim in.