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trail locations for Townsend, Tennessee

I love this trail! Not a very long hike, but a nice incline. it's in a popular area, but for some reason folks don't know about this trail. which is exactly why it rates so high with me. I'll take a pic of the falls next time I go up and post. I told a friend about it and he proposed up there!

Great quick hike. Beautiful and quiet. We only passed 5 hikers during the hike.

horseback riding
8 days ago

We rode Anthony Creek couple weeks ago. My group threw out the orange tape tied to sticks to mark the yellow jackets. Problem was we threw them when we hit them so could vary where they landed as we were trying to get out of them. Very mean. I think the bears had been digging in some nest an got them stirred up. Be careful take sting meds. We were on horses.

road biking
13 days ago

Biking this trail was overall a really enjoyable experience. If you so choose this more enjoyable method keep in mind the following things. It can have a ton of cars and motorcycles on it which you feel obligated to let pass as you'll be moving much slower up some of the very strenuous climbs uphill. There is some pretty steep downhill parts that you'll be moving nearly 30 mph on. If your not cautious and using your breaks to regulate your speed you could end up getting flown out via helicopter as some lady did earlier that same day because of a bad wreck. We did see a black bear and along with many gorgeous views and old churches.

13 days ago

I think it is moderate to hard the first half was super easy but the second part would be considered hard. It was so beautiful once we got there ❤️ there is a strong undertow the closer you get to the falls but a huge swimming area I definitely suggest to keep an eye on small children. But completely worth the view. I will definitely be going back. It is in the back of the Cades Cove loop and it is 2.5 miles to the falls

This trail lacks on the beautiful views .. You literally are just walking through the forest the whole time.. Bat cave was blocked off this would of maybe made this hike worth it.. Let's just say I wouldn't do this hike again

We took Anthony creek trail to, bote mountain, to lead cove trail because of killer yellow jackets! The hike is pretty strenuous going up and a little more challenging due to it being a horse trail! A group of horses came through and hit a nest and bees went everywhere! Stinging he horses and riders! We were terrified and made a loop to get out! Be very careful, there were supposedly red flags along the trail but we didn't see any until the end!

Beautifal place. Nice place to sweat then relax.

15 days ago

a good loop walk for photography, enjoying the day and access to many other trails.

Nice hike with a lot of views and different scenery. And the ending was very nice! The falls were pretty

Really enjoyed the walk. We talked to some people who had seen a bear around the barn.

scenic driving
19 days ago

A really beautiful drive. We stopped and hiked some of the trails and seen lots of deer and turkeys along the way

Went on a Saturday morning before the gates opened for cars. My dog walked with me. They are allowed on leash on Saturdays and I think Wednesday before the gates open for cars. I saw a few dogs in the little trailers behind bikes.

We did this trail on Labor Day. There were a lot of people on the trail. It is hard to really call this a trail. It is more like walking on a gravel road that is about 12 feet wide. The trail is the old railroad bed the logging company used to get the timber off the mountain. You can still see the old rails in a few places. The trail is rocky and you can see where horses have been using the trail. We enjoyed this trail and will do it again. We also walked up and down the Panther Creek trail. We plan on making a loop out of the two trails next time.

21 days ago

22 days ago

Moderately challenging bike ride with gorgeous views and lots of wildlife (deer, elk, bears, butterflies, you name it).

Beautiful falls. Moderate trail with steep elevation change. Trail is very narrow/slick in places. Would definitely say boots required.