kid friendly

trail locations for Murfreesboro, Tennessee

nice walk for an asphalted trail

The scenario is beautiful until you get close to downtown.

Nice, family place.

A little confusing..

Favorite trail in the Murfreesboro area - great hills! It's a beautiful little get away in the city and good for kids.

Very flat, not very water.

Trail use is light and can be hard to stay on course. Not much to see but it was an easy hike. One and done for me on this trail.

Great scenic views and well maintained.

1 month ago

Nice walk and lots of wildlife

Good trail. Starts out as asphalt then when it first approaches the river (was dried up besides a couple of spots) turns into an actual dirt trail. Also, was a little congested at first then once got past the asphalt we just pasted a few people on the trail.

2 months ago

1st visit today with a small group to ride horses. trails are not maintained nor clearly marked. very trashy in certain areas. don't know if I will return unless i see better reviews. the trails and park overall need a lot of work!

Nice easy trail to hike, convenient loop. Was passed by several incoming trail runners.

Great hike! Loved it!

Beautiful and scenic and very easy to walk. Lots of trees and it parallels the river.

Nice hike. Pay attention trail marks are easy to follow.

I've biked and hiked many times here. Well maintained and great scenery.

road biking
2 months ago

Love the nature trails here.