trail locations for Manchester, Tennessee

nice little easy hike with a great fishing swimming hole and pretty waterfalls, have fun!

Great trail with great views. Lots to explore

love this place , need to watch video so when your hiking you can stop and look at all the great things

Beautiful falls all around. Easy hike with some side trails off the main loop.

The hike itself is easy and very well marked. Getting down to certain parts of the falls isn't the easiest, but if you're willing to trek down some rocks and walk through a little water, you'll have some absolutely beautiful views!

great hike, beautiful scenery, love the stone fort, make sure to check out the museum

awesome Trail. Hiking with my good buddy Randall Broad

It's a nice relaxed loop trail with clear trails and guide posts, if U live close, definitely an everyday walking or running spot! The area is ancient Native American ground first and foremost, so be respectful and reverent while visiting. =) enjoy (=

First time here and it was a great little loop. Picture perfect water falls, scenery and the little museum is cool too!

This trail, along with its side trails, offer many great views of waterfalls, swimming holes, wildlife, and historical features. To make the hike more interesting and challenging, take the unmarked trail to the right along the river just past the museum. They follow the river and eventually meet the alternate trail access point. Take the alternate trails for an extended hike with more elevation change (500'). Keep to the right for the longest route around the park.

2 months ago

This is an amazing trail with tons of history and views. This is at the top of our list for favorite trails. Highly recommend taking the little off trails they have the best views of the falls. Makes the trail Moderate level.

Very well marked trail. There are lots of little side trails you can take down to the water too. My friend and I swam for a bit and hang out around one of the falls. There were lots of people walking around but still was a great hike!

Easy if you follow main trail, moderate if you go off in the side trails.

Worth the hour drive! Lots of fun, good views! Great!!!

We have been here over and over again with our family. It's our favorite place to hike in our area.