trail locations for Johnson City, Tennessee

Beautiful views on the "tip top" trail!

I give this 4 stars because I guess I was expecting some big scenery lol it was a good challenging trail! Had one stop with a picnic table and then another at the top! So was very convenient! The whole way up it is a lot of beautiful scenes!

took my son when he was 5...awesome hike....

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2 months ago

Great if you're looking for a challenge. Be prepared to go uphill!

Great bike trail

Nice views, easy uphill climb. Good to do, when time is a factor

Great trail. Will definitely do again. A couple things though- according to my GPS it was 2.1 miles to get to the top of tip top trail from Cascade making it a 4.2 mile round trip. Also, if you are one that does not like plants touching your legs i would definitely recommend wearing breathable pants, the trail was really overgrown with vegetation. The trail was very well marked- marked with numerous white marks to keep you on the right trail. Great mountain views at the top with shade and a picnic table to enjoy a snack :)

This is one of my favorite hikes, it's just an easy, and fun little hike for when you need some outdoor time.

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2 months ago

mountain biking
3 months ago

This was a nice Rails to trail well kept only thing i did not like was all the road crossing toward the end.

The convenient location and well maintained trail make this the best place for a quick hike or jog in Johnson City.

3 months ago

Great variety of different trails. warning - $4 fee to get in, but so worth it

this was literally my first time ever and it was absolutely amazing. I'm really happy with the way it was set up. I thought I was going to get lost at one point because there was a couple Y split offs but I found my way out and it was great! There was a whole bunch of nature to see and beautiful things to look at!

Easiest section of buffalo mountain. Drive through the gate and make a right to drive up to the picnic area. head out from the map to the right and the first lookout is about .25 miles. continue along the white trail for an easy incline up to the sign for tip-top and make a right there for another .25 mile. NO WATERFALLS. none that I have ever found on buffalo mountain, anyway lol. nice cascades on the inner blue trail that turns pink trail halfway up.

White rock trail loops widest around the mountain, 4.2 to 5.5 miles if you add tip top and don't short cut. easiest 'moderate' trails there, great views everywhere early spring, only at the 2 overlooks (not tip top) once the leaves are back on the trees.

the inner 'blue loop' is shorter and steeper, still a mid-moderate hike not much on views.

straight up the blue path along the creek is steeper yet, turns to the pink trail which meets the blue trail 1/4 mile east of the towers.

or shortcut and take the easy service road up and pick any one of the paths back down. I suggest the east side white trail for the best views at white top.

He forewarned, have seen several timber rattlers and my dog was bitten by a copperhead up there last week.

Also, a lot of people don't keep their pets leashed, so expect to be rushed by loose dogs regularly.

and I have never seen a waterfall, lol, though there are some nice cascades along the center blue/pink trail.