I love every minute of the hurt. Once you reach the Appalachian Trail it is smooth sailing. Just bummed that the views have changed with people developing the land.

Hiked to the tower via the Low Gap Trail on Tuesday October 11th. We had a beautiful clear and sunny day with temps in mid 60's. It took us 3&1/2 hours up and 3 hours down. This is a steep hike that is somewhat strenuous but well worth the effort. The view from the tower and the surrounding rocks is incredible! 360 degree view! It's amazing how they built that fire tower so high up on the mountain. Not many opportunities for views on the way to and from the tower although there are some. The hiker parking lot is large and has a bathroom. I would recommend this hike.

First time hiking with hiking poles I am a definite fan of them. It was a 80 degree day in October very warm for a fall day. Celebrated my 24th wedding anniversary with my beautiful wife on an awesome hike in the mountains. It was great to get out and enjoy Gods creative beauty.

This was a fun hike in a beautiful area. The fire tower on Mt Cammerer was unique and scenic as well. On the day we hiked, it poured rain most of the day, however, and the views were all hidden by the dense fog. I'll be sure to come back again on a clearer day!

very steep but shorter way up to tower

This trail was nice it was not steep and was well maintained. There was some growth over the trail near the creeks. We came down from the fire tower by this trail because it was easier than the low gap trail and I had developed some blisters on the way up...that being said this trail is extremely long...the milage on the map leaves off a section of the trail so it is actually about 3 miles longer than the map shows...LEAVE EARLY to do this loop in one day. we were late leaving....stayed a little too long at the firetower and then there were the aforementioned blisters that slowed us down so we were hiking back in the dark for about three miles...we encountered a crazy hornet that attacked our head lamps and a Mt lion or cougar (according to the Rangers we spoke to) at a stream that screamed at us to go away! So leave early...wear good shoes and count on a lot of miles!

We did this trail yesterday. Wow! It's no joke. The first section is very steep. What an exciting hike!
Let's see...30 minutes into the hike my husband sees a bear about 10 yards in front of him on the trail. I'm oblivious as I was watching my step (the whole hike was uphill then down) I hear him say something, I ask what and he replies, 'There's a bear, keep walking.' He said the bear looked at him and then lumbered off the trail, uphill. I tried to look as I went past but I wanted to get away from it. So then not 20 minutes later he says, 'Run! There are hornets on the trail.' I look up and sure enough, there they are. Yikes! So glad he's so observant!
The hike was the most difficult we've done so far. The hiking time was 6:40min. 4 hours up and 2:40 down. That doesn't include the hour we spent at the tower. My ankles are screaming at me.
The fire tower is beautiful, built by the CCC, the view is amazing.
We saw a shrew(so cute), a slug, a frog and then on the way down....a rattlesnake!!! It was right off the trail slithering away from us. Of course my husband spotted it. It was so beautiful and looked like velvet. We stood about 10 ft away just watching. It didn't even rattle, so we felt OK. He was just doing his thing, didn't even care we were there. Amazing!!!
Today my feet are doing well, but all of my joints are screaming at me. Trekking poles are a must. We hike all the time and this was doable but challenging. Coming down the AT was wonderful but it got real after that.
Would I do it again? Probably not. But I'm so glad we did! The fire tower was amazing! The hike was beautiful. Do it! You won't regret it! I gave it 5 stars.

Decided to scout this area for a possible backpack for our hiking club. I would consider this a pretty intermediate to strenuous hike, since the climb is pretty steady. Water sources are great on Low Gap, but after the AT junction conserve. Stay at a steady pace to make the trip enjoyable and stick with it. Some of the best views of the park are located at this fire tower!

We only hiked to Hen Wallows Falls. Short hike (4.2 miles round trip), pretty easy. What I loved most about it was there was only a few people out there. We had lunch at the falls by ourselves! There was a notice about increase in bear activity at the start of the trail (probably due to the campground nearby) but we didn't see any.

It was a fun hike a lot of great scenery and challenging trail

Mixed review. Snake Den Ridge is long and hard. There is a lovely old growth forest at the bottom, but not many views. It is unrelenting uphill all the way to the AT. It main advantage is being the shortest access to the Old Black/Mt. Guyot section of the AT. Water available on the bottom third, pretty dry the rest of the way.

Definitely a great trail, and quite a workout. It took our family of five (3 teenagers, two adults) just under seven hours to make the circuit, including a 30-minute stop at the top. The first half of the hike, up Low Gap trail, is definitely the toughest, but the trail's in great shape, and you're following Cosby Creek for quite a while. Once you make the turn on to the Appalachian Trail, the climbing is less intense, though you've got a ways to go still. The view from the restored fire tower at the trail end is worth the hike.

Long upward ascent to the falls and the bridge. Take your time and enjoy the quietness. The trail was nicely maintained but the actual Albright Loop was very narrow and thick with foliage, think deer trail at this point. I was the only person on the trail for three hours and it wasn't til I was almost finished others showed up.